Master The Breaststroke Kick With The FINIS Kick Pro Training Tool

The Kick Pro is a neoprene cuff worn above or below the knees, or around the ankles to promote proper kick technique.  In limiting the distance between legs, the Kick Pro limits the range of motion to activate outer leg muscles and engage the core, resulting in a faster, more efficient kick.  Designed specifically for breaststroke, the Kick Pro pairs well with FINIS Positive Drive Fins to promote a natural inward supination kick cycle, and generate propulsion.

“The Kick Pro was great because they allow fast swimming with a narrow kick. I was able to do fast pace (swimming) with the straps. They were not a hinderance at all.” – Scott Weltz, 2012 US Olympic Team


  • Proper Technique
    Promotes a narrow kick motion to improve body alignment for breaststroke and flutter kick
  • Breaststroke Compatible
    Teaches muscle memory to promote a natural inward supination kick cycle for breaststroke
  • Build Leg Strength
    Added resistance and customizable features to improve kick performance in all four swim strokes
  • Adjustable Leg Straps
    Soft neoprene provides a secure fit that is easy to slip on and off
  • Adjustable Clip System
    Customizable distance between legs for a safe and proper kick
  • All Skill Levels
    Effective training tool for beginners and elite athletes alike

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