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FINIS Edge Swim Fins

FINIS Edge Fins - A letter to the FINIS CEO from a U.S Masters Swimmer:

"Dear John:
I had a great workout today with the fins.  It has gotten to the point I don’t want to take them off.  I confirmed my subjective thoughts and instincts with one of my coaches who affirmed that what I felt occurring was in fact what he saw happening.  I am referring to one of the most significant aspects of the use of this fin which is that, without any intended effort, the legs are clearly automatically, 1 kicking from the hip, and 2 the ankles are extending with no intend to extend them. As a  result, a higher body ride is achieved. There is good energy generated by this fin, and yet it isn’t unduly stiff.
Did a batch of 33 1/3s (length of the pool) at a nice pace hyperspeeding hypoxically the second half of each lap. Sprinting with this fin is great fun as it helps develop a feeling of body surfing on top of the water.  
I had thought that the fin pocket being so comfortable might be too soft in fast kicking and not hold the foot in place. Not so. This was deceiving because the fin was so comfortable but the foot stays anchored in the pocket so that maximum energy is generated. It isn’t sloppy.  The fin’s comfort was mindful of the old gum rubber duckfeet of  the ‘60s. There is no excessive width so the inner edge of each fin  does not contact the inner edge of the other fin.
The market for this fin will be wide. Advanced swimmers will love them as the more you push them the more speed and body position you get back. They will act like a slalom ski. The beginner swimmer will love them because they will automatically teach what  proper body position feels  like. They will give an enjoyment to kick sets (which no one really  likes anyway).
All for now but wanted to let you know my initial reactions..."

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