Learn To Swim Day: Why You Should Learn To Swim

Learn To Swim Day: Why You Should Learn To Swim

It's Learn to Swim Day! 

Learn To Swim Day is all about encouraging people to learn how to swim and to ensure that from a young age children are encouraged to learn how to swim for safety in the water. 

Don’t be shy, no matter how old you are! Adults can learn to swim too! Here are a few of the many reasons you should learn to swim.


Water Safety

Did you know 1 in 3 adults in the UK cannot swim?

Safety is the number one reason why people should learn to swim. You never know when a situation will happen that may cause you to be suddenly surrounded by water.

Whether having fun in the backyard pool, going to the beach or fishing by a river, knowing water safety skills is a must for all ages. Learning to swim helps keep you safe.

Need some help floating in the water? We have a wide range of training aids to help you get started!


The Health Benefits - Physical and Mental

Swimming is suitable for people of all ages, and fitness levels, it allows you to go at your own page and fitness levels. It is therefore inclusive for people and can allow all generations to get together and exercise, from grandparents to grandchildren. 

It is also a low-impact activity, so if you have a health condition, like arthritis it is a great way to exercise, with the water gently supporting the muscles, with the water’s resistance helping your muscles get stronger. It will improve your muscle endurance which will prevent injury too! It’s a great form of exercise for seniors. Learn more here.

Swimming doesn’t just improve your physical health, it can also improve your mental health. Exercise is proven to help improve sleep regularity and swimming is no different. It can help to reduce insomnia and improve your sleep patterns. Swimming engages your entire body and encourages your body to get a full night's rest to recover all of your muscles.

Learn more about the health benefits of swimming here.


Teamwork and Friendships

Swimming is also a great sport to meet new friends and work on team building, allowing you to learn new social skills and helping to build a team atmosphere. Swimmers learn to support and help each other from their shared experiences in the pool, often making great friendships for life. A positive atmosphere and team skills are skills that can be carried through life. 


Benefits of Swimming for Children

Water safety is very important for children to learn from a young age due to the risk of accidents and even drowning. It is one of the only sports you can teach your child that can save their life. 

Drowning is one of the top causes of accidental deaths in children, so being able to swim is an essential skill, not only for your child to exercise and socialise with friends but also so they can survive if they accidentally fall in the water. 

Swimming is also a sport you can have for life if you teach your child how to swim from a young age. The skill is forever with them and is something they can take with them as they get older. Since swimming is a low-impact sport, it is a hugely popular and safe option for older adults, unlike other sports which can risk falling, swimming is good for the joints and is great for people of all levels.

We have even more reasons on why you should teach your kids to swim here.


Helpful Information for swimming lessons

Not sure when your child should start swimming lessons? We have more details here.

What do you need to take to their first swimming lesson? We’ve got you covered here.

Are you currently teaching your child to swim? Here are three steps for the pool:

Stage 1: First steps in the pool

Stage 2: Learning to swim

Stage 3: Building confidence

Need some equipment to help your child in their swimming journey? We have a wide range of learn to swim equipment to help get them started.

It’s Fun!

Above all, swimming is fun! It is a joy whether you push yourself to touch the sides of the pool as quickly as you can, or just take your leisurely time to float and allow the waters to ripple away your stress. Why not give it a go?


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