Learn to Swim Accessories

Learning to swim can often be very scary for young children, it is a complete unknown to children. These are some of our favourites Learn To Swim Accessories that have been designed to make learning to swim not only fun, but safer. Floatation devices can help build confidence just floating around in the water, and pool toys can build on existing confidence and skills with little effort required. We have a whole range of accessories and swimwear just for kids. Below are some of our favourites by Zoggs, TYR & Mad Wave.

Zoggs Trainer Seat 

12-18 Month It’s a good idea to introduce babies and toddlers to swimming at an early age so that they can develop confidence in the water. Starting them young has great health benefits such as strengthening your baby's heart and lungs and in turn aiding the development of the brain. We are here to support you with the right equipment and there is no better way to get them started into swimming than popping them into a trainer seat. It keeps them safe in the pool with their torso above the water and is easy to swim with, so not only can your baby have a splashing time but you can get your bit of exercise at the same time!

TYR Float Jacket

Float jackets are ideal for very young children who are just starting to take their very first swimming lessons. Most float jackets come with removable floating aids so you can add as many as your child needs. With removable floats, you can adjust the amount of assistance the swimming aid provides until eventually, when their confidence grows within the water, they will not need any at all. It’s the perfect learning tool for those water babies wanting to start those first swimming steps, the jacket is designed to adapt to your child's skill level. Small tip: some parents prefer to get their kids a float jacket as it doesn’t irritate the skin as much as rubber arm bands. The TYR Progressive swim aid is available in both Pink and Red.

Zoggs Kids Float Discs

Do you always get out of puff when you are trying to blow up your kid’s inflatable armbands? They certainly do take a good few breaths and time! Thankfully, though, the Zoggs Kids Float Discs don’t require you to blow them up at all, equally deflating them after a swimming lesson isn't an issue either. When your child is new to swimming, starting with two floats per arm and as their confidence begins to grow and they’re splashing around in the water, you can start to take away the discs. The float discs are perfect for your child to have complete freedom of movement in the water.

Zoggs Splash Balls

These Splash Balls from Zoggs are an excellent way to increase confidence in the water while just having fun. They're a great toy for fun in the pool. perfect for using as water bombs, playing catch or throw and retrieve, they're a great source of enjoyment for all ages. Easily packed into swim bags or suitcases, you can take the Splash Balls with you everytime you're near a pool!

Mad Wave Hungry Shark Swim Training Toy

Once your kids are fairly confident with basic strokes in the pool, you need to help them get used to going underwater. Swimming under water is good for basic safety, so it really is worth encouraging them to hone this skill. This toy comes with rubber cubes that sink straight to the bottom of the pool. Your child can then use the hungry shark ‘grabber’ to pick them up whenever they dive down to the bottom of the pool. It helps with confidence when making that leap to swimming under water and making it fun at the same time... Whoever collects the most cubes is the winner! 

These learn to swim accessories can really help your kids build up confidence in the water and make learning to swim super fun!