Why Laszlo Cseh has chosen Aquarapid for Tokyo 2020

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Hungary's multiple World and European champion Laszlo Cseh has recently announced a new collaboration with Aquarapid as he steps up his bid to reach a fifth successive Olympic Games.

Cseh has chosen to partner the Italian swimwear brand for the next two seasons, which will include this year's World Championships and Tokyo 2020.

The 33-year-old will wear Aquarapid AQRace tech suits in competitions, specifically the FINA-approved Aquarapid Kronos Jammers.

Cseh has won 33 European gold medals in both the 50m and 25m pools, and he was also crowned world champion in the 400m medley in 2005 and the 200m butterfly in 2015.

He made his Olympic Games debut at Athens in 2004 where he claimed a bronze in the 400m medley despite swimming with a broken ankle. Since then, Cseh claimed three silvers at Beijing 2008, a bronze at London 2012 and a silver at Rio 2016.

He's been at the top of his game for more than a decade and is still hunting that elusive Olympic gold, so what is it about Aquarapid swimwear that has attracted him?

Aquarapid have fine-tuned and developed an impressive collection of FINA-approved tech suits in recent years, so we take a look at the key technical features that make these AQRace suits stand out.

laszlo cseh aquarapid

5 Reasons to Love Aquarapid AQRace Tech Suits

Smart Skeleton

Aquarapid Kronos race suits have been constructed around a 'smart skeleton' which helps hold the body in a more stable position in the water.

Focus on upper body flexibility

With your body supported, the Aquarapid Kronos enhances flexibility in your upper body and promotes a more fluid and efficient stroke.

Optimised horizontal positioning

The Aquarapid Kronos is designed with a synergy of tapes and ergonomic form-fitting panels which help to raise the legs into an effective horizontal position. It stabilises the swimmer's core and reduces snaking.

Excellent compression

A multi-zone compression effect provides a snug and comfortable fit while targeting key muscle areas to help get the very best out of your swim.

Affordable options

There is an excellent and affordable alternative to the elite Aquarapid Kronos.

The Aquarapid ADRE XTR Kneesuit and the Aquarapid Paris XTR Jammers are both entry-level race suits that have also been structurally designed to create a sleek, streamlined profile while stabilising the core.


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