Junior Swimming Goggles For Racing & Training

Child Uncomfortable While Swimming? You May Need New Junior Goggles

If your child has been complaining about their eyes or discomfort around the face while swimming, then it might be that their goggles need replacing. A single cheap pair of junior goggles isn’t going to cut it. Children are constantly growing and, as a result, will need regular replacements to ensure that they’re comfortable in the water. In this post, we’ll be going through some of the key areas to look at and how you can ensure that your child is more comfortable while swimming.

Pick A Reputable Brand

Like many other things in life, price determines quality for junior goggles. Don’t risk buying goggles from supermarkets and don’t even trust the cheap pairs of goggles that your local leisure centre offers. It’s always best to pick reputable brands if you want the most comfortable goggles for your kids. Pick from well-known brands such as Speedo, Arena or Zoggs so you can be sure that you’re getting something that is top-notch and reliable. Comfort is important when swimming, and badly-made goggles are just going to make it difficult for your child to fully enjoy it.


Junior Racing Goggles

We regularly have customers searching for racing goggles for their children and for good reason too! Racing goggles are not typically designed for comfort, so doing everything you can to ensure they are as comfortable as possible is a must. This usually means if they are for a junior swimmer, you're better off getting junior specific racing goggles, providing all of the features of typical adults racing goggles, but specifically designed for younger swimmers. Some of our favorite Junior racing goggles are the Nike Remora Junior Goggles, the Speedo Fastskin Elite Junior Goggles and the Zoggs Fusion Air Junior GogglesAll come from respected brands and are FINA approved for competition use, which is essential when buying goggles for racing.


Consider Goggle Prescriptions

We always hear stories of children who don't swim as they cannot see well enough in the water and often cannot build confidence due to impaired vision, most people are not aware that they can purchase prescription swimming goggles for their children if they wear glasses. This enables your child to have the best of both worlds. The lenses will enable them to see better, and it will also provide a great deal of comfort around their eyes. This will allow them to wear the goggles for longer, and there’s support for all different lens strengths. They’re not more expensive than regular high-quality goggles and can go a long way to help improve your child’s vision and comfort in the water. We highly recommend the Speedo Opal Optical Junior Goggles, they offer a clear lens providing 100% visibility, an excellent Anti-fog protection and even interchangeable nose bridges for that perfect fit. Check them out here!

Try Them On For Size

Trying goggles on is a great way to learn what parts of your child’s face are being pressured while swimming. Ideally, the goggles should fit firmly and provide enough comfort around the eye socket. Any excess pressure on your child’s face will be amplified in the water because of the weight pushing against the goggles. Ask your child to tell you where the pain or discomfort is so you can identify what needs to be changed. Most goggles have a level of adjustability, this usually comes in the form of straps to ensure the most comfortable fit, some goggles even have adjustable nose bridges so that the spacing between each half of the goggle can be adjusted for comfort and the best fit, 

Consider Masks Instead

Mask-style goggles can help relieve most of the pressure around your child's eyes. Due to their larger size, they’re more comfortable than regular goggles and provide better suction around your face. Masks are ideal for leisure trips to the pool or for a child learning to swim. However, if your child is training for a competitive gala or swim meet, then masks aren't the correct option as they will increase drag and slow you down. 

Remember That Your Child Is Growing

It seems obvious, but your child is going to grow and this means the shape of their head and facial features might change. If your child is complaining about comfort, then it’s a good time to get rid of the goggles and get something larger to accommodate their face. For children between the ages of 2 and 6, ensure that they’re comfortable and that there’s a good seal to prevent water leaking in.