The Royals vs The Obamas - Invictus Games 2016

Invictus Games 2016

The Invictus Games begin this weekend in Orlando, Florida, USA. The games are specifically for injured ex-military service men and women. Over 500 competitors from 14 countries are expected to take part in the sporting event.

“The Invictus Games are an international Paralympic-style multi-sport event, created by Prince Harry, in which wounded, injured or sick armed services personnel and their associated veterans take part in sports including Wheelchair basketball, Sitting volleyball and Indoor rowing. Named after Invictus, the Latin for "Unconquered, Undefeated" the event was inspired by the Warrior Games, a similar event held in the United States.” - Wikipedia

You may have seen some of the advertising campaigns for the games already, they've been featured heavily on UK news channels over the last week. One of the best pieces of advertising for the games has come in the form of a viral Youtube video. In the video Prince Harry (creator of the Invictus Games) is sitting with his grandmother when a message appears on his phone from the Michelle Obama. But, Queen Elizabeth and her grandson do not appear to be overly impressed with the message that they receive and respond with some typical British humour. Watch the video here:

As far as swimming goes, There are heats taking place on Saturday morning, before the opening ceremony takes place on Sunday evening. The swimming finals are due to take place on Wednesday morning local time, that'll mean around 1pm for us here in the UK.

ESPN will be covering all of the events on their channel ESPN2. Check out their page dedicated to the games here.

Here at Proswimwear, we'll be bringing you the latest news from the swimming events and the games as a whole. Wishing good luck to all of our UK competitors, we hope you reach your goals and above all, come home smiling!

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