Introducing The New Speedo LZR Racer X Junior

Speedo Fastskin JuniorSpeedo have recently released some FINA approved junior specific versions of their much loved Fastskin LZR Racer X tech suits. The junior jammers and kneeskin come in a professional black/gold colour combination just like the adult black/gold version, but have several different features aimed at the younger swimmer.

Junior swimmers are still in the process of building up their technique and power. At younger ages, tipping the balance of their performance is more down to their training than which suit they're wearing (up to a certain point). That being said, having the right tech suit can be a huge confidence boost on the starting blocks. Visualising yourself winning the race, and believing you can do it often makes for a better performance in the pool, and this is where the Fastskin LZR Racer X junior suits really pay off!Speedo Fastskin For Kids


One thing you'll notice about the junior LZRs is that they feature stitched seams whereas the adult version features bonded seams. In adult racing swimsuits, ultra-sonically bonded or thermal welded seams help to reduce drag and resistance in the water. The problem is that traditionally bonded seams are more prone to splitting as the adhesive gets eaten away by the chlorine in the pool. Although the Junior LZR Racer X features bonded seams internally, the main external seams are secured with a low-profile stitching method which provides a decent balance of strength, durability and performance.

The seams are strategically positioned to provide maximum support to the body's muscular kinetic chain, promoting a more refined body position and increased muscular awareness. The Racer X Junior suits provide excellent muscular compression, while still allowing complete unrestricted freedom-of-movement for every stroke. The girls suit even features Speedo's “Ab Activator” panels, these are special laser-cut panels in the girls' swimsuit core liner which increase water sensitivity while prompting the swimmer to align themselves correctly in the water.

Compression and muscle tone

Again, being designed for children and teens, the suits feature a more targeted compression, designed around younger muscle tone to provide the absolute best possible performance for age group swimmers. Top level tech suits like the Fastskin Racer Elite 2 and Racer X are designed around the body’s of top swimming athletes, these differ hugely from the body of a 12 year old! It makes sense that a 12 year old age-group swimmer wearing a swimsuit designed for a 25 year old at the peak of their physical fitness, will not have the same effect.

Fast and durable

Made from a durable, yet fast swimwear material. The Junior Racer X utilizes a Polyamide and Elastane mix with a water repellent coating to provide high-level performance with chlorine resistance. So not only will younger swimmers feel more performance benefits from these suits, they'll also be racing in it for longer, saving parents a substantial amount!

 Speedo Racer X Junior Kneeskin  Speedo Racer X Junior Kneeskin

Speedo Junior LZR Racer X Openback KneeSkin Black / Iridescent Gold

Speedo Junior LZR Racer X Jammer Black / Iridescent Gold

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