Power Up with the new Powerskins: Introducing the Arena Carbon Glide

About Arena

Arena was founded in 1974. Impressively, within two years of existence they were already on top of the podium at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. Over forty years later and the innovative brand are still passionate about swimwear and helping swimmers find their own water instinct. To this day the people standing on top of the podium are still wearing Arena, proudly including global swimming stars such as Adam Peaty and Sarah Sjostrom.

They are known for their revolutionary race suits. Mastering performance swimwear has led to incredible results in the water. And now? Arena are enhancing their popular Powerskin range with the addition of two all new racing suits, the Core FX and the Glide.

 Today, we are looking at the Powerskin Carbon Glide. The new race suit has been developed to help the swimmer “Feel the Glide.” It provides “unparalleled gliding underwater.” Let’s take a look at some of the features of this suit:


Hydroglide Fabric:  Arena Carbon Glide

The immeasurable underwater glide is credited to the Zero-Drag of the Powerskin Carbon Glide. Boasting the brand new Hydroglide fabric it has a low profile in the water which enhances the glide. The smoothness of the suit ensures that drag and any potential turbulence is reduced at pivotal points. The suit is also extremely light giving you additional speed as well as being comfortable to swim in.


Carbon Extreme Cage:

A compact horizontal and vertical carbon grid is embedded into the suit. This targets specific muscle groups to increase muscle compression. Along with a decreased level of drag there is only a light sensation when wearing the suit ensuring that it won’t inhibit your swim.


Carbon Infused Woven Lining:

There is specifically placed Carbon Infused Wool Lining which helps activate major muscle groups. This increases the sensation of being supported and the hold of your body in the water. It also means when swimming at speed you feel enhanced streamlining.


The Arena Carbon Glide in the Powerskin Series is available in an Open back Kneeskin, Closed back kneeskin and in a Jammer. With the Carbon Glide you will feel the glide more than ever.

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