Level X – The New Virtual Swimming Competition introduced by Swim England

The COVID-19 pandemic put the brakes on any and all competitive swimming as we know it. It is only recently that swimmers have been able to get back into the pool to practice. However, Swim England have announced they are launching a new safe way for swimming clubs to compete from their home pool. They are launching Level X – a brand new virtual swimming competition.


SwimmingWhat is Level X?

It is a virtual competition for swimming clubs to take part in. They will take times from freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, and individual medley races. These will be performed with a variety of distances as well. The times will be collected throughout the competition and posted online by Swim England.


The Trial

This new format is currently in the trialling stage. Swim England have chosen 11 swimming clubs to participate and try out this new format in the fullest extent. The clubs chosen to participate are:

  • Guildford City
  • City of Norwich
  • City of Coventry
  • Harrogate
  • Long Eaton
  • Flitwick Dolphins
  • Basildon and Phoenix SC
  • Stocksbridge Pentaqua
  • Taunton Deane
  • Camden Swiss Cottage
  • Trafford Metro


What comes next?

The official launch of Level X will be happening in mid-October of this year! Swim England is said to be releasing more information about Level X and how the competition will work on a national basis with swimming clubs competing from across the country.


Personally, we cannot wait to see what the Level X virtual competition brings to the swimming community! We are excited to see swimming clubs getting back into training and competition mode, and to see swimmers get their chances to shine once again. We will be keeping you updated with all the latest on Level X and what the future holds!

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