Improve Your Freestyle Swimming!

Nathan Adrian

Our friends over at Speedo have a long list of top level swimmers and they have used 3 time Olympic freestyle gold medalist Nathan Adrian to demonstrate how to improve your freestyle technique!

As you probably know freestyle swimming is massively popular in swimming competitions, with a freestyle race nearly always being held no matter what the occasion, however it may look like a simple technique to perform but executing it to the maximum potential is a tricky task. Rhythm, coordination and power are all essential to improve your performance however one factor tends to get overlooked, and that factor is positioning. Not just in the lane but the angles and placement of your arms, legs and body have a massive influence on your overall performance!

Now a smooth Speedo swim cap and some good streamlined goggles such as the Speedo FastSkin3 Super Elite Mirrored Goggles will help you get faster but Nathan Adrian has the extra tips and tricks to help you improve further!

Click the following link to read and watch Nathan Adrian's tips and tricks for freestyle swimming:-