How To Improve Your Dolphin Kick With The Finis Evo Monofin

Swim fins can be used as an effective training aid for swimmers of all skill levels to support and improve their kicking technique.

FINIS fins are a popular choice among swimmers as the brand boasts a wide range of fins for different types of training and conditioning.

The FINIS Evo Monofin is an innovative short-blade monofin designed to help swimmers develop their dolphin kicks and boost leg strength.

A flexible connector between the two foot pockets helps the swimmer to keep a natural kick - feet will angle in on the down-kick and out on the up-kick.

A short blade helps to maintain a quick tempo and, combined with the angled foot pockets, builds muscle memory while assisting in correcting positioning and technique.

An emphasis on the up-kick means the FINIS Evo Monofin creates extra resistance - this helps to build muscle strength and generate an even more powerful kick cycle.

Olympic and world champion Olivia Smoliga says she uses these short fins to work on her strength and endurance. Check out her video tips for further ideas on how to use them.

Smoliga said: "It is perfect for quick tempo underwater kicks, and we all know how important underwaters are when racing.

"I'll do maybe 20 to 30 underwaters on a very quick interval. It's endurance-based and it builds your lungs, but it will also tire out your legs. So when you do it in training, it translates into meets and you won't get tired. You will have the quickest underwaters in the game!"

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