Do You Want To Swim Faster? Core Strength and Posture Could Be The Key!

If you're always looking for new ways to improve your swimming then the BluCore Corsuit may be of interest to you! We recently started stocking the Corsuit at ProSwimwear and it's certainly one of the most original training tools we've seen.  The Corsuit looks like no other piece of swim training equipment out there, the plastic unit straps to the swimmers back giving tactile feedback on posture and body position, helping to build core muscles around the spine.

After the ban of the “bodysuit” by FINA in early 2010 designers at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia decided to take it upon themselves to study why the bodysuits made swimmers so incredibly fast. They found that the full body compression of the suits provided core support to the spine and gavecorsuit-01e swimmers a much greater awareness of their entire body. This kind of “awareness” is known by technical minded folk as “proprioceptive awareness”. Higher proprioceptive awareness is vital for achieving optimal posture and the most efficient stroke possible. Think of this as being granted super powers of exact precision, with these powers you can assess and adjust every action that makes up your swim stroke so that you're swimming absolutely perfectly and efficiently, allowing you to swim faster and for longer.

Wearing the Corsuit will not impede your training sessions, in fact after a while your stroke could improve so much you'll look back at your old swim style and see where you were going wrong all these years. Correct posture and body alignment will ultimately do more for your swimming than any top of the range racing swimsuit ever will. Ergonomically shaped, the Corsuit fits perfectly to the lower spine without creating noticeable extra drag which means that you won't have to put in extra effort to benefit from the advantages.

BluCore's company slogan is posture6“Intelligent Swimming” and that is just what you're getting with the Corsuit. Still sceptical about all this tactile feedback? Well here's a few situations in which the Corsuit can help correct poor swim technique:

  • If you swim in a snakelike fashion (side to side movement) the Corsuit will provide a sensory feeling on the spine, you will be able to notice is not correct. Start swimming correctly and the suit will let you know by staying in position.
  • If the you're training for short sprints then use the suit for gaining continual feedback on hip positioning. Keeping your hips flat will help reduce loss of power in the kick.
  • A common problem is “sinking legs”, the lower edge of the Corsuit can be used as a marker to press your lower back against, helping level out that body position.

The list goes on...

So in summary the BluCore Corsuit allows you to work on your stroke intelligently, helps to build core muscles, achieve correct alignment and maximise stroke efficiency. If you want to swim fast then you have to swim smart!

Blue, Pink and Orange BluCore Corsuit Available Now At ProSwimwear!

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