Faster with FINIS: How to Equip your FUSE Race Suit!

The Finis Fuse Race suit is packed with more features than you could ever desire! With qualities like being Hydro-reflective, having Flexible Compression and being Versatile it could be YOUR ultimate Race Suit! It comes in an Openback Kneeskin, Tech Knee Suit and a Jammer!

It’s no surprise if you have chosen the Finish Tech Race Suit – It’s got everything a racer or competitive swimmer could need! The next step is… how exactly do you put a Race Suit on?

Firstly, it’s pivotal that you have measured yourself correctly and bought your suit in the appropriate sizing as this will make everything else a lot easier! Find a size guide at the bottom of the page beneath the instructional videos!  

Well, ProSwimwear are here not only to tell you, but to show you! With our helping hand you won’t have any trouble jumping straight into your race suit and right into the water!


How to put on your Finis Fuse Race Suit:

First of all there are some general instructions for getting into your suit that can apply to both the kneesuit/kneeskin and the jammers! These are as follows:

  1. You should be completely dry before putting on the suit otherwise you may be pulling on the fabric a lot more than you need too!
  2. Find the silicone gripper edges and flip them upwards onto the leg holes! This makes the fabric a lot easier to slide up your legs
  3. Make sure that the inseam is on the inside of your inner thighs. This should be done at the beginning!
  4. ALWAYS use the pads of your fingers to pull the suit up! Using fingernails gives you a greater risk of ripping the fabric!
  5. Always pull near or on the seams as the fabric is stronger there!
  6. To get rid of gaps, use the back of the suit and pull up from there to secure the suit around your body!


The final steps of equipping yourself with the Finis Fuse Race Suit differ between whether you are putting on an Openback Kneeskin or Tech Kneesuit to putting on Jammers! Read the appropriate instructions below in accordance to your suit!


Openback Kneeskin/Tech Kneesuit:

  1. When the suit is pulled completely up over the legs and hips (using the back grabbing technique aforementioned) then you need to start pulling the side of the suit along your torso
  2. When they are high enough, you will need to bend your elbows (chicken elbow) so you can get them in the straps and get the straps over your shoulders!
  3. Once the suit is fully pulled up, there are no gaps and it feels comfortable then unfold the silicone edges that you upturned in the beginning!
  4. And finally, when it is all complete you should feel comfortable and happy in your suit!



  1. When the fabric is high enough, and you can back grab it make sure to pull the jammers securely up to your hips!
  2. Make sure that when the suit is completely pulled up that it feels comfortable!
  3. And finally, you can tie the drawstring until it is secure and comfortable before tucking it into the suit!
  4. Then unfold the upturned edges and smooth them down!


Beyond the fit…

The Finis Suit Fuse has a lot of key features so that it can enhance your swim! The hydro-reflective qualities ensure that you aren’t carrying around any extra water weight! It has specifically bonded seams and highly durable features to give your suit the perfect fit. Other qualities include resilient flexibility, UVA/UVB protection and an effortless feel in the water as well as being FINA approved!


FINISH your Finis Collection!

Now you’re comfortably wearing your Finis Race suit why limit yourself there? Finis have numerous other products that can help you go for gold! From Goggles, Fins, Snorkels and Training Aids to Personal Trainers, Hip Rotation devices, Electricals and even MORE accessories!

Nothing fits like Finis and with your Finis fit you’re bound to finish first!

Tech Suit Instructional Video Female:

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Size Guide: 

Size Guide


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