How To Select Junior Swimming Goggles

Speedo Junior Goggles

When it comes to swimming goggles for your kids it can be difficult to know where to start. If they've just started, or are about to start swimming lessons then you might be a little bit in the dark about which equipment is suitable for them. You may find that your child is resistant to wearing goggles at first as it is a new (and can be uncomfortable) experience but getting them used to wearing goggles at an early age will pay off with increased water confidence later on.


If you're shopping for children's swimming goggles then I would suggest navigating your way to the “Junior” section in our goggles category. Here you will only see goggles designed for youngsters and won't have to trawl through pages of goggles that could ultimately be too large for your child.


If they're very young, let's say under 5 years old, then they'll require just a simple pair of goggles. You can pick up a pair of no-nonsense, single strap kids goggles for around £2.50 in our online store – Check out the Speedo “Jet Junior” or Mosconi “Baby Soft” junior goggles, available in four fun colour combinations to keep them happy.

Kids' Goggles

Young kids who are new to swimming might need a little convincing before they'll try on a pair of goggles and choosing a fun and colourful pair can make this process so much easier. There are lots of fun options for kids goggles ranging from cool holographic lenses through to goggles that feature fun characters such as penguin, shark, seal and many more.

Kids Goggles

As your child progresses in their swimming lessons and becomes more confident in the water they may require a slight upgrade to their swimming eye wear. Upgrading to a double strap is a good idea when your child moves up into the “big lanes” and starts to learn how to dive. The double strap provides extra security so that the goggles stay in place more easily as the kids start to be a little bit more rough with them. The extra secure fit of the double strap also helps to prevent leaks, keeping your child happy and free from irritation in the water. Try the Zoggs “Little Ripper” or HEAD “Star Junior” for a low priced, double strap goggle with a secure fit.

Jnr Goggles

If your child is having problems with red marks around their eyes or discomfort whilst wearing a regular pair of goggles then why not try them on a mask? Masks have much wider gaskets that seal onto the face further from the eye socket which reduces red marks and swelling that some swimmers can encounter. Some young swimmers prefer this style of goggle because it offers them higher levels of comfort, an extremely secure fit and less chance of leaking. Masks are the preferred option for many open water swimmers so if you like to take a sea swim with your kids then a mask would be a good way to go. Take a look at the Mad Wave “Junior Flame” Mask or Jaked “Dart Junior” goggles for example.

Kids Swim Mask

If they're geting competitive at a young age then there are also a number of racing goggles specifically designed to give junior swimmers a competitive edge! Try the Speedo Fastskin Elite junior goggles today, they've got all the features of an adult racing goggles but with a smaller design!

Kids Swimming Goggles

Eventually your little ones will grow out of the junior section altogether (should they continue to swim) and start buying adult size goggles. Actually this might be sooner than you would expect as many adult goggles will start to become suitable a suitable size when a child approaches around 10-12 years old, just tighten the straps and away you go...

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