How The FINIS Stability Snorkel Will Transform Training

finis stability snorkel

We are always singing the praises of the trusty swim training snorkel.

It's one of the most versatile training aids you can have in your kit bag, which comes as a big surprise to those who don't look past the bulky and rigid appearance.

We love how this piece of equipment can be used for so many key elements of your swim training, including:

  • Fine-tuning stroke technique
  • Improving head and body alignment
  • Strengthening kicks
  • Improving swim stability
  • Boosting lung capacity and cardiovascular strength

Our blog article 5 Ways a Training Snorkel Will Help You Swim Faster examines each of these training areas in greater detail. It's well worth a read.

But now for some even better news... the team at FINIS have just revealed details of their newest swim snorkel, and it looks fantastic!

The new FINIS Stability Snorkel: Speed has been designed and developed to help competitive swimmers swim at high speeds with an elevated body position during training.

FINIS are the masters of swim equipment, so it's no surprise that this new swim training snorkel is every bit as awesome as its predecessors.

Here, we take a look at the innovative new features on the FINIS Stability Snorkel and see how it will improve your swim training.

finis stability snorkel

5 Key Features of the FINIS Stability Snorkel: Speed

1) No more head bracket

You can forget about that uncomfortable head bracket! It's a thing of the past thanks to this new design, which instead features a cushioned resting spot made to fit the natural curve of your head.

2) A pivot mouthpiece

FINIS silicone mouthpieces are always comfortable to wear, but this patented pivot mouthpiece is even more impressive. It pivots to the side which makes it easy for you to take a swig from your water bottle or chat with friends before your next drill.

finis stability snorkel

3) Less strap, less pressure

By minimising the amount of strap needed, FINIS have produced a snorkel that creates less pressure on the head. This new dual silicone strap distributes pressure far more evenly around the head.

4) Anti-drag design

FINIS have designed the tube to curve closely around the head with the aim of splitting the water in front of you as you swim. It results in a more streamlined swim, and even more speed.

5) Choose your length

The snorkel's tube can be adjusted to five different lengths. This produces the most customised fit possible, suited to the individual swimmer's needs.


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