SwimRun Your Way: The Versatile New HEAD myBOOST PRO Wetsuit

Here at ProSwimwear we have an ever-growing collection of amazing SwimRun wetsuits, brands and accessories for men and women - making our swimming wetsuit range the largest in the world! In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the new HEAD myBOOST SwimRun PRO wetsuit and highlight the innovative features that make it a great addition and worthy option for your next SwimRun competition!


HEAD have been making competitive sportswear since 1950 after being founded in the US. They now have over 60 years’ experience and technical expertise in swimwear and watersport equipment. HEAD have become a leading light in the up and coming SwimRun sport, with several specific SwimRun wetsuits already on the market! The HEAD myBOOST PRO is the latest addition to their ranks.

HEAD myBOOST PRO Wetsuit Zipper


With the HEAD myBOOST SwimRun PRO wetsuit, you’ll find plenty of great sport specific features packed into a highly customisable all-weather wetsuit. You can personalise your wetsuit for maximum comfort, benefit from the myBOOST’s varying neoprene thickness for peak performance and store everything you need in a multi-functional pocket. Read on to discover more features included with the myBOOST PRO wetsuit to make your next SwimRun the best one yet!    

Maximum Personalisation

You can personalise your myBOOST PRO wetsuit in a variety of ways, so you can achieve the best comfort and functionality to help you perform! Flotation can be added to the chest and legs with HEAD insert panels to improve your buoyancy and help support your stroke!

Glideskin 4mm Air Cell Neoprene

The HEAD myBOOST PRO comes equipped with Glideskin surface on top of 4mm air cell neoprene located on the chest and quads. This neoprene provides a solid foundation of buoyancy so you can achieve an optimum body position and swim efficiency in the water.   

Glideskin 1.5mm Glideskin Neoprene

The arms and shoulder areas of the HEAD myBOOST PRO aim to offer maximum flexibility during your stroke and breathing movements. This area of the wetsuit is also finished with a Glideskin surface, but built upon 1.5mm neoprene for greater stroke reach and rotations.

Detachable Sleeves

As your SwimRun competition involves differing movement for in and out of water, the HEAD myBOOST PRO includes detachable sleeves so you can customise the wetsuit based on your needs! The sleeve and leg cuffs use 2.5mm neoprene with a close fit for anti-leak and water friction.

Multi-Functional PocketHEAD myBOOST PRO wetsuit Pockets

Use your myBOOST PRO exactly how you need to, with a multi-functional pocket fitting on the wetsuit. This can be used for carrying extra equipment for the race or be used to add buoyancy in the chest and thighs. An additional back pocket is also built on to the wetsuit.

Heat Taped Seams

The legs are bolstered with extra heat taped seams so you can make your own alterations on the length of the wetsuit. You’ll also find a flexible 2mm neoprene construction located on the hips and thighs to produce a comfortable running motion, once out of the water!

Front & Back Zipper

During SwimRun endurance events you need maximum comfort and functionality from your wetsuit. The myBOOST PRO includes a zipper and cord on both the front and back of the wetsuit. You can close both options for warmth in cold swimming environments and unzip for cool air during the run.


The SwimRun myBOOST is available as a Men’s wetsuit and Women’s wetsuit – with a sleeveless version also available.

Remember to explore the complete HEAD collection of wetsuits and equipment including neoprene caps, calf sleeves and swim bags for everything you’ll need to SwimRun. HEAD also offer a great selection of swimwear for competition and training.


If you need even more choice, you can find ProSwimwear’s full online catalogue of wetsuits for Triathlon, Open Water and SwimRun!  


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