How To Maintain Healthy Hair And Skin After Swimming

Of the many sides to swimming, one that people often completely overlook is the necessary aftercare which you must undertake. If you swim regularly, whether as a form of training or in a professional capacity, you will find that there are certain issues which tend to crop up again and again. Of these, those which concern your physical body are likely to be among the most distressing and concerning of all. Fortunately for regular and passionate swimmers, there are usually products for dealing with all the individual difficulties which you might face from being in the water.

Anyone who swims regularly knows too well the experience of getting water stuck in the ears. This can happen from a quick dip in the pool, and it can besiege efforts in the sea as well. We all know the painful sensation that results from this - but the pain is not the only concern here. Getting water stuck in the ears can be dangerous in the long term, especially if it happens to you routinely. Regular swimmers would be well advised to use Earol swim oil. Its blend of three kinds of oil is proven to stop water getting trapped in the ears - something all swimmers will appreciate.

Your hair can also face a lot of turmoil as a result of swimming. Anyone who wants to workout in the pool on a regular basis, but still look their best, will need to find ways to deal with the potential damage to the hair that the pool water can cause. The best solution is to use specifically formulated shampoo and conditioner, such as the SBR TriSwim series. Not only does it wash the hair, but it gently removes chlorine from the hair as well. Swim Spray can, however, be just as effective in removing the chlorine from your hair and skin, so that might be worth trying. However, the shampoo also has the ability to moisturise using Aloe Vera, and removes that green tint that the copper from swimming pools can give hair. The coinciding conditioner works well in tandem, helping to hydrate and repair your hair after a swim.

The skin can experience many of the same problems as the hair, and for that reason you might want to use the TriSwim lotion to help remove that chlorine odour. It will also aid in hydrating the skin and repairing any damage caused by the sun refracting through the water. No more surprise sunburn! That’s not the only skin issue that can arise during swimming. If you have been swimming for a while, you will know too well the feeling of irritation and chaffing that can arise, especially those swimming in the open water with a wetsuit. Using Body Glide should help against this - though you might also want to think about limiting your sessions if it gets too bad.

You might well be thinking: that’s all well and good, but what about my swimsuit? Everyone knows your swimsuit can experience similar issues, which is why getting hold of a bottle of Zybax swim cleaner will ensure that your swimwear remains free of chlorine, sweat and salt deposits.

The more you care for yourself (and your garments), the more you can get out of your swimming sessions. Having the right tools to hand can help you with this hugely, so get hold of your favourites today.