Ross Edgley breaks sea swim world record

ross edgley world record

Ross Edgley has defied the summer heatwave, jellyfish stings and a disintegrating tongue to swim his way into the world record books.

Edgley has passed the halfway point of his 2,000-mile Great British Swim challenge, and celebrated the milestone with news that he'd set a new world record.

Having spent 74 days in the water, he's beat the existing world record for the Longest Contiguous Stage Sea Swim that has been held by Frenchman Benoit Lecomte since 1998.

Strongman Edgley has already covered more than 1,000 miles since setting off from Margate on June 1. His route has taken him along the English Channel, around the tip of Cornwall and up past Wales and Ireland.

The 32-year-old is currently swimming along the west coast of Scotland, and broke the world record as he passed the Inner Hebrides on day 74.

Edgley said: "I feel an immense sense of pride, both for myself and the team – 74 days at sea is obviously no easy feat!

"Scotland represented such an important point. It meant we stood a chance of getting round John O'Groats, and back down the other side before the British summer ends and the winter really kicks in.

"I've been brought cake, whiskey – everything you can imagine really. However, we set out to circumnavigate Great Britain and create history, so we won’t be stopping until we achieve that."

The new world record will be confirmed by the World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA) when Edgley completes his Great British Swim. His original target for completion was 100 days, but this has been extended after the painful and gruelling nature of the challenge took its grip.

As well as multiple jellyfish stings to the flesh, Edgley's tongue also began to fall apart due to the continued exposure to salt water.

A 15,000 calorie daily diet has been fuelling him throughout the challenge, which sees him spend up to six hours a day in the water.

Edgley has not set foot on dry land since starting the swim nearly three months ago, and has been wearing HUUB wetsuits and wetsuit accessories throughout the challenge. He's also been documenting his journey with a regular Red Bull vlog.

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