Get Back Into Swimming For Fitness

If there is one kind of exercise that can benefit your health in impressive ways, it’s swimming. Swimming is one of the most pleasant forms of exercise, thanks to the support the water offers and the cooling, tranquil feeling most of us get when we hit the lanes. It’s not just mental health that benefits from swimming, either; swimming is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise, and the water helps to minimise the risk of injury. With January coming to an end close, we'll start to see the new year's resolutions ending early too! Here's our advice on getting back to swimming for fitness.

The New Year Resolution Crowd

As the new year is now in full swing thousands of people will don their swimming outfits, pull their goggles into place, and hit the pool to try and achieve their New Year resolution to improve their health and fitness. Even at this early stage in the year, those who have managed to keep their new swimming regime in place will be beginning to see the benefits. Improved physical fitness is usually the first sign, as well as the pleasant mood-enhancing effects of natural endorphins raising moods and bringing smiles to faces. Swimming doesn’t just feel good while you’re doing it-- it helps to improve your life even when outside of the pool.

Of course, we’re also at the time of year when many people begin to slip from their New Year’s resolutions, and their commitment to their new swimming hobby may begin to wane. If you find yourself in this situation, there are a few things you can do to keep yourself focused and maintain the hobby through to spring and beyond.

Enticing Yourself With New Collections 

With the new swimming season well underway, now is the time that manufacturers of swimwear and associated equipment begin to release their new collections. If you can feel your commitment to swimming is beginning to slow, then treating yourself to some of the new items on offer could be just what you need to re-energize your feelings. The better you feel while swimming, be it via goggles that don’t steam up or a new swimsuit that you feel a million dollars in, then the more likely you are to continue the pursuit.

It’s also worth taking the time to remind yourself of all the health benefits of swimming. After all, you chose this activity for a reason: because you knew it was going to be both beneficial and enjoyable for you. Getting fit, and maintaining fitness, aren’t always the most enjoyable of pursuits, but swimming is by far the best choice to keep bringing a smile to your face.

Track Your Benefits

Even if you only managed to complete a week of regular swimming, you should already be able to see some of the improvements that the discipline can offer you. Assess your current physical fitness; you should be able to identify signs that your fitness levels are improving, stubborn weight is beginning to decrease, and you should feel more energized as you go through your everyday life.

By clearly tying these benefits to your newfound swimming habit, you can see that swimming has results, and is thus worth continuing. Given how much a single week of swimming can improve your physical health, just imagine what a committed 12 months (and more beyond that) will be able to achieve!


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