Freestyle Technique Essentials: 2 Must-Have Training Tools for A High Elbow Recovery

FINIS Freestyle Technique Essentials

The high elbow technique is one of the most basic elements of freestyle swimming and, like most basic technical skills, one of the most difficult to master. Most swimmers understand the importance of the high elbow technique for both pool and open-water swimming, yet many swimmers neglect the many benefits of a proper recovery during training. Training tools are a simple way to capture the many benefits of a proper high elbow recovery, including efficiency and shoulder stability.

To develop a consistent high elbow technique, pick two training tools that you can easily build into any workout to provide instant feedback and recalibrate your stroke when you revert to old habits. In general, paddles and fins are a go-to when it comes to a high elbow recovery. Paddles help focus the mind and body on the arm and shoulder position, while fins aid with overall body alignment. In particular, the Forearm Fulcrum Positioners and Zoomers Gold training fins are a dynamic duo when it comes to high elbow training.


FINIS Forearm Fulcrum Positioner

The Forearm Fulcrum Positioners are intended specifically for stroke refinement and technique work. The figure-eight design locks in a proper hand and wrist position, creating the optimal surface area for a high elbow catch and recovery. Specifically, the Forearm Fulcrum Positioners are an ideal tool for open-water swimmers or triathletes, who require additional high elbow focus, a key technical element when training for rough or turbulent waters.

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FINIS Zoomers Gold

Zoomers Gold training fins aren’t necessarily the most obvious choice when talking high elbow technique; however, when it comes to body position, the Zoomers Gold fins are the optimal tool. When utilizing the Zoomers Gold fins, the added drive of the short-blade fins elevates the hips and core, allowing for the proper body rotation that facilitates a proper recovery.

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