Five Things To Love About Open Water Swimming

Five Things To Love About Open Water Swimming

five things to love about open water swimming

Open water swimming is entirely different to swimming in a swimming pool. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t love swimming in a pool. It just means that for variety and excitement, you should try open water swimming every once in a while!


Of course, there are some things to bear in mind before you try open water swimming. You need to be sure that you’re permitted to swim in the water, and that it’s safe for you to swim in. It shouldn’t have anything dangerous lurking, or be a too cold temperature, or anything like that. In some cases, it’s best if you’re with another person or at least a few people before you take on an open water swim. You should also be a pretty strong swimmer, as distances may not seem as long when you’re looking at them as opposed to when you’re swimming them!


All of these things aside, here are 5 things to love about open water swimming:


There’s No Chlorine To Sting Your Eyes And Make You Smell

Chlorine in the pool is there for a reason, however, it also presents a number of problems. Not only does it smell and make your eyes sting, it can also stick with you everywhere you go if you’re a keen swimmer. This chemical isn’t usually the perfume/aftershave you want to carry with you!


When you open water swim, you don’t have to worry about chlorine stinging your eyes, or stinking everywhere you go. You can simply enjoy an all natural swim in an open body of water.


Open Water Races Involve A Strategy

If you’re going to take part in an open water race, you’re going to need to come up with a strategy to outwit your opponents. It requires a little more thinking than simply swimming side by side in a pool, which makes it far more exciting and suited to those who love a challenge!


There Are No Lane Lines To Bump Into

Bumping into lanes during a race or even a casual swim can be annoying. With open water swimming, there are no limitations or restrictions hindering you as you enjoy your swim.


A Bit Of Unpredictability Can Create Excitement

A bit of unpredictability here and there creates excitement, and that’s why open water swimming is great. For instance, you don’t know what temperature the water is going to be when you jump in, like you do with a pool.


The Sense Of Accomplishment After A Long Point To Point Open Water Swim Is Amazing

Finally, the sense of accomplishment you get after a long open water swim is incredible. You’ll truly feel like you achieved something, and that’s a little more exciting than doing length after length in a swimming pool, right?


We have nothing against swimming pools, and think that they’re great for perfecting technique and getting in your practice. However, open water swimming is just on another level and so exciting! Is this something you’re going to try out for yourself?


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