Fin to Finish: Five Swim Fins to tighten your technique!


Trying to find a way to tighten up a technique that has been tormenting you for ages? Then one of these five fins could be the swim fin that gives you the winning swimmers finish! We have brought together five of our favourite fins that are specifically engineered to refine your stroke.

The Arena Powerfin Pro Limited Edition:Arena PowerfinPro

The Arena Powerfin Pro is a true accolade to the Fin family. These swim Fins are designed to strengthen your ankles and calves and overtime gain a faster leg kick with better control.

The innovative design of the Powerfin features hydrodynamic slits alongside the sloping surface of the fin. The blade rests on an incline so it can generate maximum thrust. There is an open heel design which allows for outstanding ankle flexibility meaning you get a powerful downward leg kick. The short blades mean high frequency kicks and the fins are made from 100% silicone guaranteeing a reduced chance of blisters.

Training with these swim fins means that you can use the natural resistance in the water to increase your muscular activity. If you try training your legs vertically for a few minutes you should be able to start to feel the difference. A vertical leg kick will help control your body position, and ensure it is being performed properly. It won’t be long before you see the results from these training Powerfins.

Finis Edge Fins:

The Finis Edge Fins are fundamental if you are looking for speed swim training fins. They make sure you train at a maximum, all without disturbing the natural kick cycle and providing comfort. They have been specifically designed in the FINIS Stroke Lab to help equip you to swim your fastest yet.

These Fins have Smart Fin technology to help propel you to podium ready. The blade is angled with hydrodynamic vents to help your forward propulsion. It gives you a technically advanced speed supported by an increased surface area and reinforced side rails. It will target key muscle groups such as hamstrings and glutes. An open heel and toe design increase the range of motion and ensures comfort throughout training. There are also high-performance vents that redirect water flow and eliminates drag to increase propulsive forces.

The use of this incredible technology means that you’ll build up cardiovascular endurance, have a proper kick at high speeds and be tapping into your key muscle groups. You’ll be swimming with speed when training with these fins!


Mad Wave Short Blade Swim FinsMad Wave Short Blade Swim Fins

The Mad Wave Short Blade Swim Fins are designed to improve your leg muscles strength. Improving this will increase your swim speed and polish your performance in both long and short distance swims.

These fins use short blade technology so that you can kick harder and faster than ever before. They also have a great blade angle that aligns with the foots natural angle, promoting a proper kick. Finally, these Made Wave fins have certified durability as they are made from 100% rubber, they can take you through training session time and time again. Built or all skill levels anyone can use these fins to tighten their technique.

Swim fins are built to relieve your muscles, so you don’t overwork them. If overworked, it means you are unable to keep pace for an extended period of time. However, training with fins means that your can keep kicking for longer and really home in on your technique. It will give you cardiovascular strength, and you will notice long term results.

TYR Hydroblade Fins:

TYR Hydroblade Fins are the fins designed to help put the finishing touches to your flutter kick. They promote the short, fast leg and foot movements that make the natural flow of the kick.

These Fins are ultimately designed to provide you with state-of-the-art comfort. It gives the swimmer a freedom of movement so that they aren’t restricted whilst they swim. As well as the innovative heel strap design there is also a convenient pull tab. Each fin is engineered with rounded edges to prevent any discomfort in the foot cavity whilst tightening your technique.

The Hydroblade fins will leave you kicking the competition out of the water after you have trained with them for a while. Adapting your feet to stronger kicks, strengthening your muscles, and adapting all of this to the natural flow of things is bound to find you swimming straight to success.

MP Michael Phelps Alpha Fins Neon:

The MP Michael Phelps Fins are a technological triumph and designed to help you tighten the tempo of your kick so you can become an expert at going the race pace in every training session.

The fins have a rigid EVA Foam construction which ensures that you get maximised propulsion. One of the most incredible factors of the fins is that they are 70% lighter than the traditional swimming fins! This provides extra comfort and helps to improve body position. The asymmetrical design of the fins assists in retaining the swimmers natural kicking motion too. They are short blade which helps mimic the kicking speed when you swim.

These fins are fantastic for helping you keep form when you are in the water. The light disposition of them will have you perfecting your posture, whilst also using short, sharp kicks to improve your speed and perfect your technique to a whole new standard.


The Fin-al Lap

Fins are a great way to make every training session your best swim yet. The Fins mentioned here are just a few of many Swim Fins that can help you progress there are others such as the Speedo Biofuse and Jaked Evo Fins! We even have a range of kids swim fins that are available in children’s shoe sizes!

ProSwimwear also stocks a vast range of Swimming Training Aids to help you swim your best! We have everything from snorkels to pull buoys and kickboards to land training. Never let training take the best of you when you can make the best of your training!


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