Five Lessons About Swimming You Can Learn From Superheroes

Five Lessons About Swimming You Can Learn From Superheroes

Why are superheroes so popular? Perhaps it’s because they offer us insights into our own psyches. When we watch superhero movies, we imagine ourselves in their shoes, asking ourselves what we would do if we had their superpowers.

The great thing about superheroes is that they can teach us all sorts of lessons in life, including lessons about - you guessed it - swimming.

Lesson #1: You Can Do Anything If You Put Your Mind To It

Despite their superpowers, superheroes often have to dig deep to get out of tricky situations. They’re often faced with enormous challenges and have to defeat bad guys in order to save the day. When learning to swim, you need this kind of dogged perseverance and bravery to succeed. The difference between the best swimmers and those that are average often comes down to attitude. Although getting started can be difficult, if you put your mind to it, you can succeed.

Lesson #2: We’re All Different

Superheroes all have very different powers. Some are stretchy, some can shoot lasers from their eyes, some can read people’s minds. But what is this other than a metaphor for our individual diversity? Some swimmers will be great at backstroke, some will feel most at home swimming under water and others will love nothing more than climbing all the way to the top diving board and somersaulting off.

Lesson #3: Even When You’ve Got Superpowers, Life Can Be Frustrating

Although superheroes all have impressive powers, many have their foibles. Superman can’t go near the element kryptonite, Professor X is confined to a wheelchair, and the Incredible Hulk has anger management issues.

The same goes for swimming. Some people might get sore throats from all the chlorine in the water, some might find it difficult to swim a long distance and others might be afraid of water. Again, the lesson from superheroes is that all these limitations can be overcome, so long as you have determination.

Lesson #4: To Overcome Your Fears, You Have To Confront Them Head On

What’s the difference between superheroes and ordinary people, (other than their powers of course)? It’s that superheroes will often charge into danger, whereas ordinary people would just run away.

Swimming is all about facing your fears, no matter what stage you’re at in your swimming career. When you first go swimming, you’re afraid of sinking or losing your float. But even experienced swimmers can get the jitters, especially when their toes are poking out over the edge of the 10-meter diving board. To become a great swimmer, you have to face your fears, just like superheroes do.

Lesson #5: The Costume Counts

Superheroes put a lot of time and effort into their costume. What they wear affects how people perceive them, which is one of the reasons why people didn’t really like Hancock in his eponymous film - the so-called superhero who wore regular, dirty clothes.

The same holds true for swimming: the costume counts. How you feel in your swimwear will affect how well you swim so choose wisely.

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