Improve Stroke Efficiency with the FINIS Posture Trainer

Finis Posture Trainining Device

The FINIS posture trainer is the new head alignment training tool from FINIS. The tool promotes proper head and spine alignment which is key to an efficient swimming stroke.

Some of the key benefits and advantages to the posture trainer are that it helps swimmers to achieve a higher stroke efficiency and increase their speed/power in the pool. The tool promotes proper alignment and helps to increase stroke efficiency by providing tactile cues to inform the swimmer of improper head position.

FINIS Posture Trainer

The Benefits of Posture in Swimming

When you were growing up you were likely told to sit/stand up straight and not slouch by various older people in your life. Yet, some swimmers forget this advice when they hit the water! Your body position is affected significantly by your posture whilst swimming and spending a little time focusing on this area can pay real dividends in your stroke efficiency and speed.

If your head position is too high or low then your legs and hips can drop, causing extra drag/resistance in the water. Traditionally swimmers needed a friend or swim coach to be watching them from the side of the pool, to give feedback on body/head position, or video you so that you can both watch it back later and review. With the FINIS Posture Trainer you can get live feedback and correct your stroke whilst you swim! No need for a coach, video camera or any of that.

The posture trainer can be used by swimmers of all ages and abilities and is a fantastic teaching tool to remind swimmers of the advantages of proper head and body positioning.  It can be used in all four swim strokes and stays securely position through flip turns and open turns.

FINIS Posture Trainer

How to use the posture trainer

The posture trainer should be placed on the back of the head, you can either use the strap provided, or attach it your goggles strap. Once the posture trainer is in position, be sure to determine your proper head and body alignment. If you feel a gentle tap between your shoulder blades, this is to inform you that you need to correct your alignment.

Watch this video to see the FINIS Posture Trainer in action...

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