Keep The Seas Clean! Our Environmentally Friendly Brands

We all love swimming outdoors, especially when we're on holiday enjoying the warm seas abroad. It's important we think about the future of the oceans and how we all want to swim in clean water for generations to come. We've picked out a few of our brands at ProSwimwear who are going the extra mile to help keep the seas clean!



As part of their campaign to fight for ‘plastic-free oceans’, Adidas are turning plastic trash into performance sportswear – including swimwear! The Parley range is constructed of ECONYL® regenerated yarn from recycled fishing nets and discarded nylons that have been claimed from the sea. More than three quarters of each swimsuit is made from recycled nylon! The swimwear is also built with Infinitex Fitness Eco chlorine-resistant fabric, to ensure it’s a durable, long lasting addition to your collection. The range includes men's and boy's jammers as well as women's and girl's swimsuits. 

Since 2015 the Adidas and Parley partnership has worked to keep more than 2,810 tonnes of plastic waste from ocean waters. You can also join in with the Adidas’ ‘Run for the Oceans’ where they contribute $1 for every kilometre logged! These funds are contributed to the Parley Ocean School in order to educate young people on the best ways to protect the oceans. But be quick – this campaign runs until the 16th of June 2019!

Adidas Parley in Action

 Browse the range of Adidas Parley swimwear at ProSwimwear here! 



Zoggs environmentally friendly swimwear is called ‘Ecolast’, composed of abandoned fishing nets and industrial waste rescued from the oceans and landfills. The Ecolast range is comfortable and hard-wearing, with great shape retention – with results showing it is 15 times more hard wearing than ordinary swimwear! The swimsuit is manufactured with 78% ECONYL yarn and 22% Lycra Xtra Life. The Ecolast collection is available in women's and girl's swimsuits and men's jammers.

Also, look out for the Ecolast + range – which continues the great work from Zoggs, but with retrieved plastic bottles from oceans and beaches! 

 Ecolast production

  1. Ghost fishing nets are recovered from the ocean and plastic waste is saved from landfill.
  2. The waste is processed into it's raw state at the factory.
  3. It's then spun into ECONYL yarn ready to be made into swimwear fabric.

Discover the Zoggs Ecolast range at ProSwimwear here! 



Madwave’s wetsuits are manufactured with several green technologies to create an ‘Eco-Friendly’ neoprene in every suit!

RECYCLED POLYESTER: A large number of Madwave’s fabrics are knitted with polyester yarn made from recycled plastic bottles! Did you know? There are 45 plastic bottles in the fabric of ONE Madwave wetsuit!

ECO CARBON BLACK: A core ingredient of neoprene is Carbon Black, however, this can now be pyrolyzed from scrap rubber tyres. This cuts C02 emissions by 200g per wetsuit and significantly reduces energy consumption.  

WATER BASED GLUE: Madwave’s research team have innovated to move away from solvent-based lamination glue into water-based glue. This eliminates harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

LIMESTONE NEOPRENE: Madwave has removed petrochemicals from their neoprene and replaced them with earth limestone. The limestone is a natural product and has a reduced environmental impact. 


Browse the MadWave wetsuit range at ProSwimwear here! 

We hope you've enjoyed reading more about the work and clever initiatives that our brands have built to help save the environment. We look forward to bringing you more of the best swimwear brands around the world who are all doing their bit to fight for the seas we love to swim in!   

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