Swim Tips - Do you love your pullbuoy?

Pullbuoy Swim Tips

The guys from Effortless Swimming ask the question; Is it okay to love your pullbuoy?

In this video from their youtube channel they explore some of the reasons why they love to use a pullbuoy in their swim training and how it can benefit your swimming technique:

Use your pullbuoy to:

  • Correct your posture.

    For the body to balanced and controlled it needs to be firm, a strong connection from the head to the feet by having a tall and proud posture. A pullbuoy with a narrow bridge can help you to switch on your glutes and draw your belly button towards your spine, which helps build a strong posture.

  • Correct your alignment.

    A pullbuoy can help to correct alignment, the goal in swimming is to move the greatest distance, at the fastest speed, for the least amount of effort. Poor alignment in freestyle will create resistance in the water and lead to wasted energy that isn't moving you as far forward, or as fast. By using a pullbuoy you can focus more on what you're doing at the front of your stroke. Your entry and extension, catch phase, the line of the pool etc. Using the pullbuoy allows you to forget about your kick for a while and really get down to perfecting your pull.

  • Build strength

    Time in the water can be precious. You may only have a few hours every week where you have access to a pool so what you do during those sessions is important. Swim fitness and strength mostly comes from being in the pool, there is only so much you can do outside the water. Use a pullbuoy and hand paddles during your workout to help develop your swim strength more quickly.

So, remember to love your pullbuoy, it can do so much for you!

At ProSwimwear we stock a range of pullbuoys from all your favourite swimming brands. From basic pullbuoys to fit the smallest budget right through to some of the more hi-tech solutions. Take a look at our full range today.

Top 5 Most Popular Pullbuoys and Pullkicks

FINIS Axis Buoy

FINIS Axis Buoy

The dual-function design of the Axis Buoy helps to improve swimmers body position, whilst building upper body strength and engaging core muscles. With an ergonomic and contoured design, the Axis Buoy can function as both an ankle float or a more traditional pull buoy. The lightweight EVA foam is lightly textured for a more secure grip and allows swimmers to easily transfer the buoy between ankles and legs.

Awesome piece of kit - Review by Dolphinz

"Absolutely love this simple but so effective piece of kit! So versatile in its uses and has really helped my swimmers core and body position as well as technique! Totally recommend it! "

(Posted on 19/08/2016)

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Maru Pullbuoy

Maru Pull Buoy - Lime / Orange / Turquoise

Maru Pull Buoy - training aid for increasing stroke efficiency. This is your traditional style of pullbuoy, now available in a range of bright and vibrant colour combinations for more fun in the water. Our customers love this product for the trusted traditional pullbuoy design and excellent value price! Designed for optimal buoyancy, the hydrodynamic contoured design improves water flow while reducing friction, allowing you to place greater focus on your stroke technique.

Bright colours, ideal for training - Review by mgeck

"Good shape, and the colours are bright "

(Posted on 08/03/2016)

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Arena Swim Keel

Arena Training Swim Keel - Black/Grey

The Arena Swim Keel is a new training tool which does the job of both a kickboard and pullbuoy, plus a little more! Available in three colours, the all in one pullbuoy and kickboard is designed for swim training. Helping swimmers to develop their lower body, upper body, core alignment, and general swimming technique. Find out more about this innovative training tool by reading the full blog article here

Nice looks - Review by Hiyo

"Because of its unusual shape, it has become a hot topic in the pool. The minutes of the fellow was some additional purchase. We are many uses, look at the video from the arena site, now! Let's go to the pool!"

(Posted on 11/05/2016)

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Arena Pull Kick Pro

Arena Training Swim Keel - Black/Grey

The Arena Pull Kick Pro is a multi use training aid which can help you in multiple ways. It can be used as a kick-board, pull buoy, limited floatation device and more! Perfect for improving your strokes and technique in training sessions. This versatile piece of swimming equipment has only recently been released by Arena. Coaches and swimmers around the world are discovering new ways to incorporate this unique flotation device into their swim workouts to provide new benefits for improving stroke technique and power.

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Zoggs Pullbuoy

Arena Training Swim Keel - Black/Grey

Four layered contoured one piece Pull-Buoy. Shaped for good water flow around the legs and offers optimum buoyancy. When used as part of a regular training program Pull Buoys help strengthen and tone the upper body. The Zoggs pullbuoy is a firm favourite amongst swimmers because of it's comfortable shape and excellent value price!

Comfortable, great aid - Review by Nikkie w

"This product has really helped my daughter improve her technique "

(Posted on 14/10/2015)

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