Diana Submarine Poseidon Tech Suits – Inspired by Nature

Diana Poseidon SwimwearIf you're looking a more unconventional tech-suit then turn your eyes towards the Diana Poseidon. If you're tired of seeing Speedo LZR's and Arena Carbon Flex's then you might want to give these a go.

The suits have all the technical racing aspects that you would expect from any competitive swimsuit. Compression, panelled construction and bonded seams come as standard. But what really makes them stand out from the crowd is the specially textured surface of the material.

Featuring a unique fish scale design, the Poseidon FINA approved jammers and kneeskin are pushing the boundaries of drag reduction in swimwear materials. The texture of the fabric works to create less friction between the water molecules and those of the swimsuit. The fish scale pattern is inspired by nature and works by creating tiny vortices of air and water, this helps to create a smoother, less resistant surface which allows the swimmer to propel themselves through the water with minimal drag.

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Watch these videos for a closer look at the Diana Submarine Poseidon Tech Suits:

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