The New Dare2Tri MACH4.1 - A Combative Triathlon Wetsuit

Here at ProSwimwear we have the largest online collection of swimming wetsuits for men and women – which has been bolstered by the recent addition of the amazing new Dare2Tri MACH4.1 triathlon wetsuit. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at this FINA approved wetsuit in more detail and highlight the key features which will make it the perfect weapon to compete in your next triathlon!


Dare2Tri was founded by Alex de Boer who actively competes in Ironman and triathlon competitions around the world. Alex and the Dare2Tri team have years of experience in testing, developing and perfecting the construction process to produce some of the best wetsuits on the market. They pride themselves on using quality materials and the latest wetsuit technology. As we can see with the MACH4.1, Dare2Tri have added another excellent wetsuit to their impressive collection.    

On to the main event - the MACH4.1; endorsed by Olympic long-distance gold medallist Maarten van der Weijden. Read on to discover the combination of features that add buoyancy, comfort and flexibility to this exceptional wetsuit!

 Dare2Tri MACH4.1 Neoprene

1.00MM SuperFlex Neoprene

Located under the arms, on the arms and around the shoulders; the MACH 4.1 benefits from an extra thin layer of neoprene under 1.00mm in thickness. This gives the wetsuit a great 360° arm rotation and less stroke resistance to reduce fatigue during long distance triathlon swimming.   


Unique Neck Closure

The MACH4.1 is built with a comfortable neck closure to give swimmers an excellent feeling of comfort and flexibility. The back of the neck piece is also fitted with soft material to avoid irritation if the wetsuit has not been closed correctly.

Dare2Tri MACH4.1 Wetsuit Chest Panel 

2.5MM Upper Chest Panel 

With a unique shaping, the upper chest panel of the MACH4.1 gives you extra flex for your arm movement in the recovery phase of your stroke. With the additional freedom, triathletes and long-distance swimmers will benefit significantly by conserving energy with effective stroke movement.  


3.5MM Reverse Leg Panels

This 3.5mm tick panel on the reverse of the leg has been tested and optimised to the optimum thickness to work with your stroke and the rest of the wetsuit. The addition of the leg panel works to give you the best possible body positioning by raising the legs to boost overall balance. 

Dare2Tri MACH4.1 Wetsuit Stability Panels

5MM Airfloat Stability Panel

The side panels located on the body of the wetsuit are constructed with Airfloat 5MM thick neoprene. With the help of these panels your body position in the water is given greater support for an efficient stroke technique – which could make all the difference towards the end of your swim.


YKK Zipper

What better way to add the finishing touch to the new MACH4.1 than to include the world’s best zipper brand – YKK. This is reinforced on the reverse of the wetsuit with a runner constructed with stainless steel, which runs from the bottom of the suit to the top.


The MACH4.1 is available at ProSwimwear as a women’s wetsuit and men’s wetsuit in full sleeve.


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