Commonwealth Games 2018 Swimming Schedule

Commonwealth Games 2018 Swimming Schedule

This year's Commonwealth games is shaping up to be one of the best yet. There are plenty of medals up for grabs and each is closely contested by some of the top swimmers in the world!

This helpful schedule will let you know when you can see your swimming hero's in action over the coming days.

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Here's the schedule for Thursday but if you miss anything you can catch up on all of the action and results in our day one round up.

10:37 Swimming - women's 400m individual medley
Watch out for - Hannah Miley (Scotland) and Aimee Willmott (England)

10:46 Swimming - men's 400m freestyle
One to watch - James Guy (England)

11:04 Swimming - women's 200m freestyle

11:21 Swimming - men's S14 200m freestyle                            
One to watch - Tom Hamer (England)

11:27 Swimming - women's S7 50m butterfly                            
One to watch - Eleanor Robinson (England)

12:44 Swimming - men's 200m breaststroke                             
One to watch - With Adam Peaty pulling out of this event, Scottish swimmer Ross Murdoch now has one less worry.

12:50 Swimming - women's 4x100m freestyle relay                     



10:37 Swimming - men's 50m butterfly
One to watch - Ben Proud (England)

10:41 Swimming - women's 50m breaststroke
Watch out for - Corrie Scott (Scotland), Sarah Vasey (England)

10:56 Swimming - men's 200m freestyle
Watch out for - James Guy (England), Calum Jarvis (Wales), Duncan Scott (Scotland)

11:43 Swimming - women's S9 100m backstroke
One to watch - Alice Tai (England)

11:49 Swimming - men's S9 100m freestyle
One to watch -  Lewis White (England)

12:17 Swimming - men's 400m individual medley
One to watch - Dan Wallace (Scotland)

12:36 Swimming - men's 100m backstroke

12:51 Swimming - women's 100m butterfly
One to watch - Alys Thomas (Wales)

13:07 Swimming - men's 4x100m freestyle relay


10:37 Swimming - men's 200m butterfly
One to watch - James Guy (England)

10:43 Swimming - women's 50m freestyle

10:48 Swimming - men's 100m breaststroke
Watch out for - Adam Peaty (England), Ross Murdoch (Scotland)

11:03 Swimming - women's 100m backstroke

12:09 Swimming - women's 200m breaststroke
Watch out for - Molly Renshaw & Jocelyn Ulyett (both England), Chloe Tutton (Wales)

12:16 Swimming - men's SB8 100m breaststroke

12:33 Swimming - women's SM10 individual medley

12:50 Swimming - women's 4x200m freestyle relay


10:37 Swimming - women's 200m backstroke                        

10:43 Swimming - men's 100m freestyle
One to watch - Duncan Scott (Scotland)

11:29 Swimming - men's SM8 200m individual medley

11:36 Swimming - women's S9 100m freestyle
One to watch - Alice Tai (England)

12:24 Swimming - women's 200m individual medley
One to watch - Siobhan-Marie O'Connor (England)

12:31 Swimming - men's 50m backstroke

12:36 Swimming - women's 50m butterfly

12:55 Swimming - men's 4x200m freestyle relay


10:37 Swimming - men's 200m backstroke

10:43 Swimming - women's 800m freestyle
One to watch - Jazz Carlin (Wales)

11:06 Swimming - men's S7 50m freestyle

11:22 Swimming - women's SB9 100m breaststroke

12:07 Swimming - men's 50m breaststroke
One to watch - Adam Peaty (England)

12:12 Swimming - women's 100m breaststroke
Watch out for - Chloe Tutton (Wales), Sarah Vasey (England)

12:28 Swimming - women's 200m butterfly
Watch out for - Emily Large & Aimee Wilmott (both England), Alys Thomas (Wales)

12:44 Swimming - women's 100m freestyle
One to watch - Freya Anderson (England)

12:59 Swimming - men's 100m butterfly
One to watch - James Guy (England)


10:37 Swimming - women's 400m freestyle
One to watch - Jazz Carlin (Wales)

10:45 Swimming - men's 50m freestyle
One to watch - Ben Proud (England)

10:50 Swimming - women's 50m backstroke
One to watch - Georgia Davies (Wales)

11:15 Swimming - men's 200m individual medley
Watch out for - Scott Duncan, Dan Wallace (both Scotland)

11:32 Swimming - women's S8 50m freestyle

11:47 Swimming - men's S9 100m backstroke
One to watch - Jacob Leach (England)

12:03 Swimming - men's 1500m freestyle

12:43 Swimming - women's 4x100m medley relay

12:52 Swimming - men's 4x100m medley relay                    


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