Buying The Correct Kit For Your Childs First Swimming Season

More and more schools are starting to provide regular swimming lessons for our children. This is good news for a lot of reasons. For one, as they learn to swim, they’re also learning one of the safest and healthiest ways to stay active. They’re learning a life skill that can become a passion. They’re also getting that sense of fulfillment with the progression systems schools use to measure progress and keep their abilities developing.

Why swimwear matters

Good swimwear is key for any swimmer at any level, even for those taking their very first dips in the pool. It has to be durable, able to take the strain of continuous movement. But they also have to be comfortable and your kids will definitely want to make sure that they look stylish. The right kids swimwear is going to keep your child at ease, so how do you make sure you’re picking the right kind?

If the suit fits...

This is the most important part of choosing the right swimsuit for your kids. Sizes and fits can be confusing at the best of times. Even if it feels like a good fit, it might be a lot less comfortable to move in when you’re actually in the water. Especially for girls’ swimsuits, poor fits can restrict arm and back movement, making swimming all the harder. Make sure you take a look at the size guides that most brands provide for both boys' and girls’ swimwear. There, you can pick sizes based on measurements and years, as well as how more “standard” clothing sizes compare to swimwear sizes. All of the swimwear brands can vary in sizes, so even if you are a size 26 in one brand, this may not be the same for another.

The reliable brands

There are a lot of brands of kids’ swimwear out there. Here, we’ll look at the strengths of a few of them:

-Maru: This is easily one of the funkiest brands on the market with a wide series of designs even for kids. But they’re not lacking in durability, either, retaining their shape and protective qualities much longer than many other brands.

-Zoggs: Another great option for those who want to skip the plain black swimsuits most commonly chosen by women, many of their designs for girls have an open back cut which is specifically good for not restricting any swimmer’s movement.

-AMANZI: An Australian brand instantly recognizable for dazzling bright designs, swimsuits for girls from Amanzi come with thin straps that reduce weight on the back and shoulders and offer a broader range of movement.

The extras

Reliable, durable, and properly fitting swimsuits are the most important kit for your children. But don’t forget the other bits and pieces they’ll need to comfortably enjoy their first swimming season. There are a lot of great brands for goggles, including Zoggs, Speedo, Adidas, and Nike. It’s tempting to go for the budget options, but many of these aren’t made of materials as durable as the premium brands and much more prone to leaks. Not only this but comfort is key, having anything sealed to your eye sockets isn't going to be comfortable, but selecting the most comfortable goggle possible will certainly make a difference in where your child's focus is. Selecting goggles with secure straps and comfortable gaskets is key.

Many girls and boys are going to need a swim cap. The fit is the most important thing, here. If a junior size feels a little too loose on your kids, go for a smaller size. Silicone tends to be a better material than latex, too, especially for those with a lot of hair to contain as it’s much more tear resistant. Don’t forget to send them off with a towel, a mesh bag, and a water bottle, too! Swimming is hard work and staying hydrated is essential.


Hopefully, the guide above has given you the right direction to start looking for your kids’ first swimwear and an idea of what you’re keeping an eye out for. Take a look around the site and see which best fit your child’s needs.