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Are you preparing for a triathlon this summer?

British waters are a tad chilly even in the summer time, if you're planning on entering a triathlon this year it's a good idea to get yourself a triathlon wetsuit. If this is your first triathlon, you may be wondering which type of wetsuit to go for. If you can afford to get yourself a proper triathlon wetsuit then it will pay dividends in your training, and on race day!

The average time in the water for a half Ironman distance event is 45mins, if you're entering a full-length Ironman event then you could be in the water for 2 hours or more! Triathlon wetsuits are designed for swimmers, they differ from surfing or diving wetsuits in several ways. Tri wetsuits are made with swimming in mind, the design takes into account the needs of a swimmer. They allow for an unrestricted range of motion, with thinner neoprene around the armpits and shoulders. Seams and panels strategically placed to be comfortable and fast while you're powering through the swim phase of your event. When tested, swimmers wearing triathlon wetsuits were faster by around 90 seconds across a distance of 1500m compared to those wearing trunks.

Swimming ability.

When buying a triathlon wetsuit you need to think about your swimming ability, be honest. Do you consider yourself to be a beginner, intermediate, or expert swimmer? Triathlon wetsuits have varying buoyancy properties and unique features which are designed to suit each skill level. All wetsuits are different, but generally entry-level wetsuits have the most buoyancy and the elite level wetsuits have the least. The extra buoyancy is a bonus for new swimmers as it helps to conserve energy during the swim and can help make up for a slightly shaky stroke technique. Expert level swimmers who have spent many hours perfecting their technique find that the higher level swimsuits provide them with a more neutral buoyancy, extra flexibility and a better 'feel' for the water. The mid-level suits strike a balance between elite-level features and affordability.

Get the right fit.

The fit is one of the most important factors of your tri wetsuit. A poorly fitting wetsuit can be more of a hindrance than a help. At Proswimwear, we provide detailed size charts that are specific to each wetsuit to ensure that customers can get the right fit first time. When ordering online, you'll need a tape measure. Measure yourself there and then, in front of the computer, so that you know that your measurements are accurate. Apply your measurements to the size chart and find the closest fit, if you're between sizes then generally it's a good idea to go for the smaller of the two sizes as you want your wetsuit to be a snug fit.


Your budget will be a big deciding factor in your choice of wetsuit, but a triathlon wetsuit could be more affordable than you imagine. We've managed to strike a deal with Aqua Sphere so that we can bring you their exquisitely designed and carefully perfected triathlon wetsuit range at the lowest ever prices. Save up to £380 off the manufacturer's suggested retail prices, with entry-level wetsuits starting from just £69.99, intermediate at £119.00, and expert level at just £199.99 with all sizes in stock. It really is an incredible deal, but it's only while stocks last, so you'll have to be quick to take advantage of the low prices!


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