Bournemouth International Triathlon: A ‘Tri’umphant event!

Proswimwear were kindly invited to attend the Bournemouth International Triathlon this year! It was held on the 8th of September 2019 and around 400 competitors came to make a splash!

Bourne to TriBournemouth Triathlon

The events that were held on the day consisted of the Standard Triathlon, Aquathlon, Sprint Triathlon and long swim. The International Triathlon was located on the east side of Bournemouth Pier!

Both the Sprint and the Standard distance swims were lucky to start on the award-winning blue flag beach! After they began on the blue, they raced out of Bournemouth on a fast bike course that lead them towards the market town of Ringwood on the edge of the New Forest.

And last but most definitely not least, the personal best testing run course  along the seafront promenade towards Boscombe Pier. This means that triathletes would have an incredible view of the Isle of Wight on the way out, and then the Purbecks on the way back!


Variety is the spice of the Triathlon

The amazing Triathletes were outstanding in their course. A true show of human determination, athleticism and the results of the rigorous training that the triathletes go through to participate in the best condition they can.

The awe-inspiring athletics didn’t stop there! Those who didn’t fancy a Tri competed in the Aquathlon, Long Swim, and Sprint Triathlon! A variety of enthusiastic and energetic competitors left those of us watching in amazement! Whatever event they poured their heart into, it was clear to see on that sunny day that being a triathlete isn’t easy – but nonetheless it was rewarding.

Post-Race Positivity

Not only did these athletes give their all in their respective events, but even after the events had ended the beach was full of nothing but smiles and the radiant glow of accomplishment. To stand and witness the success of these athletes was amazing but meeting them was even better! Getting to talk to the triathletes and see their enthusiasm first-hand was inspiring – almost enough to convince us to give it a Tri!

The triathletes, swimmers and runners were provided with some sweet post-race sustenance… HARIBO! A sweet treat to end a truly triumphant day for the athletes and triathletes that competed at the Bournemouth International Triathlon!


Bournemouth Triathlon SwimmersSharing the sand

Proswimwear want to extent a special thank you to Challenging events for inviting us to attend! We had an amazing day celebrating athleticism, becoming inspired and appreciating remarkability of human strength!

We also say a HUGE congratulations to every single athlete that competed in any event! Watching you compete was the highlight of our day and talking to you was something we will never forget! You constantly inspire us with your hard work and determination!


Why not Tri?

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We are definitely inspired by Bournemouth International Triathlon! All that’s left to say is… when’s the next one?

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