Top of the Podium: The Best 5 Girls Swimming Costumes of 2019

In this blog we will be looking at 5 of the BEST Girl’s Swimming Costumes from 2019! We have uncovered, discovered and been proud to represent some of the best swimsuits in the business! So, we’ve collected five of the best girl’s swimwear pieces from this year, and we’ll be diving in-depth to the special qualities they hold that make them the best of the best!

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Maru Holiday Ecotech Panel Kneesuit


Ecological: Maru Holiday Ecotech Panel Kneesuit 

Ever wanted a swimsuit that was good for you AND the environment? Then the Maru Holiday Girl’s Kneesuit does just that! 

The girl’s swimsuit uses ECONYL. This is a regenerated nylon yarn made from ghost fishing net and other nylon waste. This transformed fabric ensures you are environmentally conscious and crossing the finishing line! The Echotech Kneesuit has other brilliant features like being ultra-chlorine resistant, having excellent coverage, a two-way stretch and amazing shape retention. This ensures complete comfort when training and no restrictions of movement.

Maru is definitely a best pick for 2019 with an environment friendly foot forward – so why not dive headfirst into helping the planet AND swimming your best with this ecological girl’s swimwear?

 Dolfin Uglies Girls V-2 Back Swimsuit

Design: Dolfin Uglies Girls V-2 Back Swimsuit

Dolfin are known their bold, eye-catching designs that are the best for standing out in and outside the water. Carnival (pictured) is an example of their bright patterns that become bold statements. A few other stand-out designs in their range are Over the Rainbow, Carnation Sensation, Into the Blue and many, many more!

With a construction consisting of polyester and spandex this girl’s swimsuit also offers excellent durability and resistance to chlorine. The fit is perfectly comfortable, and the suit is fully lined. The V-2 Back also provides extra support due to the thicker panels across the back!

A striking piece of swimwear for girls, whether you are triumphing in training, or enjoying a leisurely trip to the pool.


Nike Girl's Prisma Punch Mesh Racer Back Swimsuit

Shape Retention: Nike Girl’s Prisma Punch Mesh Racer Back Swimsuit

This Nike swimsuit is one that always has your back – literally. The Nike girl’s swimming costume is made with fabric that combines the strength of polyester with high stretch elastane for SUPERIOR shape retention! For whatever reason you’re suiting up, be it performing, training or leisurely laps this Nike swimsuit won’t let you down!

As well as super shape retention it has an open back design that gives you freedom so that your shoulders can move at their maximum. The material of the swimsuit also ensures resistance against chlorine and UV rays. Your swimsuit can shine as bright as you! With a streamlined fit decreasing drag, you will always be performing at your best if you put this                                                                               Nike Swimsuit to the test!

Speedo's Fastskin Endurance+ Openback Kneeskin

Freedom and Comfort: Speedo’s Fastskin Endurance+ Openback Kneeskin

FINA Approved, and faster than ever. Speedo’s Fastskin Endurance+ Girls Kneeskin is engineered with a 4-way stretch technology that ensures great comfort, and great performance with freedom of movement.

This girl’s swimwear is built for competing and is created with assured durability for the distance. Excellent shape retention and it resists fade longer than any other swimwear! When you are comfortably cutting through the waters to the finish line this Speedo girl’s swimming costume will prove its place in the top five by giving you first place.

Arena Girl's One 3D Shattered One Piece Swimsuit

Light and Non-Restrictive: Arena Girl’s One 3D Shattered One Piece Swimsuit

Arena will set you free with a range that has a variety of straps but always a wide back which gives you ultimate access to movement and reduced drag so that you can glide through the waters. The One 3D Shattered Girl’s Swimsuit is here to stretch the limits.

The amazing quality about this girl’s Arena swimwear is that it is made from only one piece of fabric. Designed from Arena’s exclusive fabric that uses Maxlife 100% you will be guaranteed maximum resistance with the use of polyester. Even after 240 hours in the sun Maxlife ensures the suit retains almost 95% of it’s original characteristics. 50+ UV protection, quick drying, lightness and extreme durability. The list is endless, and so is the non-restrictive properties of this swimsuit!

Anyone who wears it is sure to have endless possibilities too.


The Rest of the Best

These were our best 5 swimwear choices for girls from 2019, but the choices don’t stop there. On ProSwimwear there are many AMAZING Swimsuits for girls from brands like Adidas, Tyr, Jaked and so many more! Whether you are looking for competitive swimwear, training swimwear or even accessories there is something for everyone on ProSwimwear!

If you’re going to be the best, why not wear the best too?

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