The Benefits of Thermal Wetsuits

When swimming in cold conditions, or specifically going cold water swimming it is important you do it correctly. Though swimming in cold water can be an incredible experience there are certain procedures you must undertake to do it correctly and safely. One of the most pivotal parts of cold-water swimming is to be prepared in what you wear. It is highly recommended to wear a thermal wetsuit and thermal clothing during the swim as it can help regulate and keep your body warm against the cold temperatures. Swimming without the appropriate clothing could prove very unsafe.


Wearing a Wetsuit Blueseventy Thermal Wetsuit

First of all, it is crucial to wear a wetsuit because they have properties that helps your body keep warm and regulate against the cold conditions. It makes the experience safer as a whole as wearing the wetsuit is a layer of protection from your body against the cold. There are certain things you need to remember when choosing a wetsuit for your cold-water swimming experience:

  1. The wetsuit should fit – If the wetsuit doesn’t fit properly then it runs the risk of letting water in. Whilst in normal conditions this would be uncomfortable and slow down a swimmer in the conditions of extremely cold water this is dangerous and can start to bring down your body temperature.
  2. However… it shouldn’t be too tight – If the wetsuit is too tight it then runs the risk of compressing your chest too tightly and inducing a shortness of breath. The risk of feeling breathless has already increased due to the shock of the temperatures that your body is submerged in, so it is crucial to ensure that your wetsuit doesn’t increase the chances of becoming breathless.
  3. Prepare! – To acquire the perfect wetsuit for cold water swimming preparation is vital! You should talk to people with knowledge and experience on cold water swimming, get recommendations and definitely try on as many suits as you need to for the perfect fit.


Blueseventy Reaction Thermal Wetsuit

One of our top recommendations is the Blueseventy Reaction Thermal Wetsuit. It is specifically engineered for cold temperatures. One of the ways in which it is designed is using a thermal liner called Zirconium.  It also offers a reduction in absorption qualities, protection from the elements and great flexibility.  Here are some of the features of the wetsuit that makes it great for cold temperatures:

  • Thermal Liner – The liner of the wetsuit possesses a texture similar to wool as well quick drying which provides better cold protection.
  • S-Flex – The side panels are thin at just 2mm. This means there is more ease for natural body movement in the water.
  • Vo2 Chest Panels – The chest panels are divided by neoprene. This means that there is more stretch around the chest which allows for easier breathing. This is always important when entering cold water.
  • 4-5-4 Design – This includes the measurements of the suit. The chest panels are 4mm with 5mm neoprene around the core, lower torso and hips which help elevate the body and provide a reduction in drag. The neoprene around the legs is at 4mm which helps the downhill swim.
  • Aquaseal – This prevents water from entering the suit. The 4-way stretch silicone that is used prevents the entry.
  • Reactive Stretch Technology – The mobility in the wetsuit is enhanced due to the high-stretch nature of the suit and the 2mm neoprene that helps the reach from the shoulder.

The Reaction has many incredible features that make it an admirable choice for a cold -water swim. It will help protect your body from the potentially risky effects that the cold can have.


An Accessory is a Necessity Blueseventy Thermal Wetsuit

 One of the other important things to consider in the venture into a cold-water swim is the accessories that you made need. The Blue Seventy accessories include toe covers and thermal swim gloves. These can help provide extra protection on your swim, and help keep you warm. Blueseventy also have a range of wetsuits for when your swim isn’t so cold!

HUUB is another brand at ProSwimwear that provides cold water swimming needs. They have Neoprene swim gloves and a neoprene skull cap in HUUB Accessories.

Always remember to swim in cold water responsibly!

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