Arena Powerskin R-EVO ONE Race Suit - A Second Skin in the Pool

The Arena Powerskin R-EVO ONE is the latest race suit to join the Arena swimwear range, and it's already proving a popular addition among competitive swimmers.

Available as men's jammers or women's kneeskins, the Powerskin R-EVO ONE delivers on unrestricted movement and streamlined performance.

The secret behind these FINA-approved suits lies in the fabric. They are made from a single piece of fabric that stretches and compresses evenly across the body.

With only one bonded seam at the back, this high-quality and ultra-lightweight competition suit lives up to its claim of feeling like a second skin.

With no additional seams, the risk of snagging is reduced. Being stretchy and versatile, it's also a lot quicker to put on before a race and take off afterwards.

But never mind your speed in the changing room, the Arena Powerskin R-EVO ONE also improves your efficiency in the pool by absorbing less water and reducing drag.

The men's jammers streamline from below the waist to just above the knees, while the women's suit has supportive racerback straps and an open back, covering from the shoulders to above the knees.

This popular Arena swimsuit is available in a choice of two colours, grey and bright orange or blue and powder pink.