Everything You Need to Know About the National Arena Swimming League!

The National Arena Swimming League is one of the biggest swimming competitions to exist in the UK. It takes place annually within England and Wales, with over 400 teams take part each year which makes it over 16,000 swimmers competing!

The events are divided into individual events and team relays and the events take part across 7 different regions, which are then split up into different divisions. Each club competes against the different teams within their region in the 3 regional rounds. Arena League

After the 3 regional rounds the top 16 teams qualify for the National Finals, which always take place in March/April. Within the rounds, the different teams will either be promoted or relegated within their regions based on their accumulation of points across the 3 different rounds.

The first round which takes place on the 12/13th of October 2019 has an astounding 333 teams competing in it! This is spread out over 53 galas in 51 different venues. A total of more than 1,200 athletes will be competing, with over 800 technical officials, 500 volunteers and 1,000 team coaches and managers! This truly is THE biggest swimming event in the UK!

Swimmers are usually broken up into age groups. You have the categories 9-11, 13 & under, 15 & under and then the open. Each age group has races that take place over 50m or 100m in each specific stroke. There are two relays per group as well! The overall success of the team is based on points scored by relays as will as individual swimming events. It is designed to encourage people to perform at their ultimate best no matter what event they are competing in.

This historic event first took place in 1970 and is now celebrating the legacy of the National Arena Swimming League for 50 years! The dates for this competition are:

  1. First Round takes place 12-13th of October 2019
  2. Second Round takes place on the 9-10th of November 2019
  3. Third Round takes place on the 14-15th of December 2019
  4. And the finals are held on the 2nd -3rd of March 2020!

Don’t forget to support your local team whether you are watching in person or waiting for results to come in! And if you are competing – the absolute best of luck from us here at ProSwimwear! We will be cheering you on every step of the way!

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