Power Up with the new Powerskins: Introducing the new Arena Carbon Core FX

About Arena

Arena are known for producing award winning swimwear. Their expertise in the field has led to them representing the swimming elite for many years – including the champions of today such as Sarah Sjostrom and Adam Peaty.

This began in 1974 when Arena began to devised a plan to create a range of swimwear to support the elite swimmers. This was inspired by witnessing the incredible Mark Sptiz win a historic 7 gold medals at the 1973 Olympics. Built for greatness from day one, Arena have engineered swimwear that helps every swimmer connect with their water instinct.

They have released two new Powerskins designed to help every swimmer find their feeling of victory. These are the Powerskin Carbon Glide and Carbon Core FX. In this blog we will be looking at the Carbon Core FX designed specifically to help you “feel the power.”


Carbon Cage Compression Technology: Arena Carbon Core FX

There is enhanced muscle support through a horizontal and vertical grid in the material. This ensures that there is a full range of muscle compression and that you feel secure in your suit whilst you swim.


Twin Tape Structure:

To ensure you maintain a high body position in the water, the Powerskin has a twin tape structure. This resides on the back of the legs and upholds your position when swimming. This gives you an optimum hip height in the water whilst also ensuring a secure position throughout fatigue.


Internal Taping System:

A prime feature of the Carbon Core FX is the level of core stabilisation. It uses the internal taping system to provide an advanced level of security for your position in the water. It also reinforces a powerful support when you are in the water allowing you to focus on the swimming – whilst the suit does the supporting for you.



The Arena Carbon Core FX is now available in an Open Back Kneeskin, Closed Back Kneeskin and as a Jammer racing suits. Wearing the Carbon Core FX performance suit, you will really be able to feel the power.

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