NEW: Aquarapid’s AQRace Kronos Racing Swimsuits are a technological triumph!

In this blog we will look at the Aquarapid AQRace New Kronos Racing Swimsuits that are available now at ProSwimwear in Womens Swimwear and Mens Swimwear


About Aquarapid

Aquarapid is a contemporary Italian-based company who pride themselves on creating quality swimwear whether it is for training, top-level racing or even relaxing at the pool. Stemming from the 1960’s the brand has always been notable for it’s unique aesthetic and meticulous eye for details.

The combination of Italian-made fabrics and hi-tech refinements all come from their central purpose of following the Italian Swim Concept. This is what they say about their company: “A modern, cutting-edge brand which looks to its own future while treasuring the values of the past.”

Kudos to Kronos!

The Kronos swimwear range is available in men’s jammers or women’s openback kneesuit as part of Aquarapid’s AQRace collection! These racing swimsuits are all FINA approved for competition use!

High Quality AQ K-tech Fabric

Aquarapid’s swimsuits are made with their own AQ K-tech fabric. This ensures water glide is minimised, excellent breathability and ultra-hydrophobicity. An impressive 99% of initial fabric breathability is maintained!

 Aquarapid Jammers

Fully Bonded Seams

This suit is anatomically fully bonded. They have strategic positioning of the ultrasonically bonded seams and tapes which gives the suit a powerful structure and shapes the swimmers contour. It also provides great support and calibrated pressure to reduce drag!

Side Panels

The Side Panels help raise the legs and ultimately improve core stability. This allows an ultimate fit which promotes an excellent swim position in the water!

Body Humidity Control

The use of the unique AQ K-tech fabric enables body humidity control. This will allow you to swim freely, and let the suit adjust your body, whilst your main priority can be the race itself!

Hydrodynamic PanelsAquarapid Kneeskin

Hydrodynamic Panels help offer a more effective horizontal swim position whilst offering core stability and preventing snaking. It also provides an excellent fit and body contour optimising your body position whilst reducing muscle oscillation and skin vibration!

Lasting Performance

One of the most incredible features of this suit is the Lasting Life Span Performance. It is optimised and will last for up to 50 washing and drying cycles!


Aquarapid don’t rest!

As well as this genius new Kronos collection, Aquarapid have produced even more amazing AQRace products for a first-class performance! The Aquarapid AQRace Adre XTR Openback Kneesuit is another advanced racing suit bound to land you at the top! And the Aquarapid AQRace Paris XTR Jammers are excellent for delivering exceptional performance and comfort!

Vist the Aquarapid store at ProSwimwear where they have a range of products from men’s briefs, boy’s briefs, women’s swimsuits and girls’ swimsuits as well as more products including jammers and bikini’s!

Aside from the perfect Performance Swimming range they also have a quality stock of swimming goggles, swimming caps and many other accessories!


So, why swim slowly when you can swim Aquarapid?

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