Olympic Swimmer Amanda Beard on the Benefits of Swimming.

Aqua Sphere have recently released a new video starring seven-time Olympic medallist Amanda Beard talking about the reasons that she loves swimming and the benefits that it brings to her life.

In the video, Amanda says:

“My name is Amanda Beard, I'm an Olympic Swimmer. I've swum in four Olympics and have seven Olympic medals. I can't say enough great things about swimming, it's an all over body workout so you are literally working every muscle group, it's great cardio.

“When you start to get very stressed during your day, feeling overwhelmed, feeling anxious, I think the best thing that you can do is always step away from what you're doing and have, kind of, that moment.

“And then I come back to my family and I'm ready to be the mom again, running around doing crazy things and having fun with them. Showing them how being involved with those activities is supposed to be fun, not work!

“The one thing I love about Aqua Sphere is that it's beyond comfortable. You don't put the swimsuit on and then fidget around with it all day, you're not getting rubs from your swimsuit being too tight or not fitting correctly.

“Just jumping in the pool with your kids is an awesome experience. And then going to the pool by yourself, that's a great moment, nobody can talk to you, you're alone in the water, you're getting a great workout. It's one of those experiences, when you go to the pool, you dive in the water, when you leave you're the happiest person!”

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Abby Swimsuit
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Amanda Beard Koa Swimsuit

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