6 Holiday Themed Swim Sets

Christmas Swim SetsThe folks over at Swimming World Magazine have put together 6 of the most original holiday themed swimming sets for you to try over the Christmas break. They're great at putting together new and original workouts to keep things fresh in the pool. Serious competitive swimmers won't be taking much of a break over Christmas. Swimmers with serious ambition will be down at the pool twice a day, putting the hours in as per usual in order to get ahead of the rest.


If you're going to be hitting the pool hard this holiday season in preparation for your next competition, or just for your own satisfaction, then try out some these holiday themed workouts to bring some festive cheer to your swimming sessions.


Or, if you are planning on taking a break for Christmas, why not suggest some of these to your coach as a fun themed workout for your last session before you go off and eat mountains of food and lounge in front of the TV for a few days.

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Read the Full/Original article by Sophia Chiang, Swimming World College Intern.


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