5 Things a Swim Parent Dreads to Hear

The life of a Swim Parent is much like the ocean. Full of beauty, a sense of awe and a whole heap of unpredictability. Despite the ever-present structure and routine that exists within a Swim Parent’s life you never know what is going to happen or take you by surprise.

We can all admit it, there are some situations a Swim Parent dreads facing – meaning there are words they dread hearing. Whilst appreciative of the continuous current of joys, sometimes the tide of being a Swim Parent can bring dread.

Hear are 5 things a swim parent dreads to hear:


  1. I’ve forgotten…

We need not even finish this sentence. There is a plethora of swimsentials your child could need, be it for practice or the big race day, and any sentence that starts with ‘I’ve forgotten…’ is a recipe for stress. Did I bring any spares? Is that pair of goggles I left boot still swimming around back there? I hope so. I really hope so.


  1. I ripped my suit today at practice.

Oh joy. That suit I paid all of that money for not that long ago? It’s ripped? Let me see. The dreaded moment when the damage is in front of your eyes you know that it’s game over. You know you’re going to have to buy another one. You’ve become resigned to the fact, but it doesn’t make it sting any less.


  1. I injured myself at practice.Junior Swimming

Admittedly, this one mostly stems from parental concern. What happened? How did it happen? Do we need to see a doctor? Seeing them hurt is the worst pain. If time off practice is involved, then we feel bad they can’t do what they love. This phrase is one no swim parent wants to hear.


  1. I came last in a race.

Once again, this one is about not wanting to see our swim kids hurt or upset. We know that one race isn’t everything, that a last place isn’t the end of the earth, but to them it’s everything. All we can do is love and support them throughout whatever happens.


  1. I want to quit swimming.

This is one of the most dreaded phrases for a swim parent. We end up loving it just as much as they do – sometimes even a little more. Whatever day, whatever age that arrives it’s going to be hard. No matter what, they will always be our swimmers.


So, these are some of the most dreaded phrases! As parents, especially swim parents, we become just as invested as them. We always want the best for them even when there is nothing, we can do to alter a situation. Sometimes things break or go missing, sometimes we run late or even have to miss practice.

Every imperfection and dreaded moment are what makes diving into the world of being a swim parent the best thing there is.


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