Sometimes swim meets are just as stressful for us Swim parents as it is for our swimmers! I mean, obviously we have the grace about not worrying about placing for ourselves, but we can’t help but be worried for them.

So, yes, our thoughts might go a little wild at swim meets. It’s only because we care.


1. “Did I remember to bring my snacks?”

Okay, this one is a little self-serving but when you’re sat by the pool for anywhere up to four hours, you’re going to need some snacks. Even though we don’t eat anything near when our kid swims because we’re so nervous. Other swim parents might need a snack too.

And we all know the one day we forget is the day our stomach rumbles are just as loud as our cheers.


 2. “I think the parents are more nervous than the swimmers.”

Half of what we do at swim meets is watch. The swimmers, mostly, but we observe the other swim parents as we share our nerves. They are palpable. There is an electric energy between everyone, every conversation filled with anticipation, not just for our own kids but for the team. Being nervous together makes us stronger.


3. “I wonder what the coach is saying?”

Of course, we trust our coaches. They know what they are talking about and they are great at guiding our kids to where they need to be. However, as we watch them enthusiastically and seriously chatting to our kids, we can’t help but wonder. We know as much about our kids swimming as they do. We often feel like a silent second coach. But we know not to interfere. Instead, we learned how to lip read.#



Yep. That’s the one. From the moment they poise themselves to launch into the water from the emergence and gasp of breath at the end we are manic. At least internally. We try and burn every second into our brain, cheer them on and keep an eye on the times. Ultimately, seeing them finish the race is the best moment. No matter the time to see them race is the achievement in itself.


 5. “I am so proud.”

Our final thought of the swim meet is always how proud we are. No matter the time or place we are bursting with pride for our swimmer. It is our favourite part of the journey getting to see them race. To see all of their hard work in action. Even if it doesn’t go well, seeing them dedicated to something is the most important part of all.



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