In the current climate, it’s only natural that parents want to encourage their children to focus on achieving good levels of health and fitness. There are many ways to attempt to achieve this pursuit, but one of the most rewarding can be to encourage your children to join a swim team.

If you have never considered the idea before, then it’s definitely one you may want to spend a little time thinking over. Joining a swim team can be a transformational experience for your kids, offering a multitude of benefits. We’ve covered the top five reasons a swim team could be the right decision for your kids below-- why not read through and see if these benefits are something your kids would find helpful?

1) Learning To Lose

Losing is never fun, even for us adults; we all want to win and be the best at something. However, learning to lose is undoubtedly a valuable skill, especially learning to lose with grace and humility. By joining a swim team, your child will be exposed to the reality of not always being on the winning side, which is incredibly character-building and beneficial for their future.

2) Meet New People

Joining a swim team will inevitably expand the social circle of both you and your child, giving you both the chance to make new friends. Swim teams often group together people who would otherwise have not had the chance to meet, improving your child’s social skills and potentially giving you new “parent friends” to spend time.

3) Fitness In A Fun Way

Swimming is a far more enjoyable fitness activity for your child than anything else. There’s fun to be had splashing in the pool, enjoying the water, and focusing on improving their times and their technique. You will likely find it far easier to persuade your child to join a swim team than, for example, go running! 

4) Friendly Competition Among Other Members

As well as learning to lose, your child will benefit from the friendly competition that is an inevitable part of being on a swim team. They will learn that competition does not have to be vitriolic, and can actually be healthy as it encourages everyone to work hard to meet their goals. There’s no doubt this is a positive life lesson to impart to your child.

5) Give Your Child Something To Look Forward To Every Week

For kids, life can be a little monotonous. They go to school with the same people, do the same things, focus on homework in the same way, etc. Joining a swim team gives your child an objective to work towards, a chance to get some exercise, and an opportunity to catch up with their swim team friends. Having something to look forward to can help improve your child’s overall attitude, and shape their extracurricular activities in a positive way.

At ProSwimwear we offer everything your child needs, whether it's for their first training session, or they're competing in regular competitions

For their first training sessions, it's vital that you get the right kit and a comfortable pair of goggles are key. This might be the first time your child is wearing goggles, so picking a pair that is comfortable is essential. We offer a great range of junior goggles, all of which are designed specifically for junior swimmers.
As well as goggles, we recommend a swimming cap. The cap is completely optional, however, the protection that it provides can prevent smelly and discoloured hair. It will also help your child get accustomed to wearing a swimming cap while swimming, as they'll certainly need one on race day!

Picking the right swimsuit is probably the hardest part, not only is there plenty of brands to choose from, but different cuts and designs in each. Spend some time and look around our website, brands such as Zoggs, Speedo, Arena and Maru all offer excellent training swimwear for children. 

Once you think you've got all your kit, you'll need something to carry it in. the most common bags you'll see at the pool are the TYR Alliance range or the Speedo Teamster's, both of which are excellent bags and will last a very long time, providing plenty of space for future training aids they might need.

Having read through the benefits, could you be tempted to encourage your child to join a swim team? If you do decide to encourage your child to take the plunge, there’s no doubt you will both be glad of that decision in years to come.