5 Reasons We Love Our Swim Mums

Swim mums... they can be overbearing but we wouldn't change them for the world. From the first day we took interest in swimming they became our number one fan. Nobody else has that spot! They give us everything we need, take us everywhere we need to go AND they are pretty incredible themselves (without us!)

Here are five reasons why we love swim mums:


1. Everything they do for us

We happily admit that we couldn't be where we are without them. Whether it is snacks, goggles, driving or volunteering they have done everything to help us stand so we could dive in. The little things, such as grabbing a pre-made snack, or having that new suit in time for race day. The little things are always there, but they add up to such a big piece of the puzzle. We couldn't be the swimmers we are without the mums who hold us up.


2. They genuinely love swimming

Well, okay, they probably wouldn't be at swim meets if we weren't swimming them. No matter how much they thought they couldn't understand it they now know the terminology just as well as us! They know what's what, and who's who. They often tell us we're going to be "The next Phelps or Peaty!"

3. They are amazing athletes too!

Many of them are incredible athletes themselves. Whether it's a swim for fitness at the local pool, an Ironman Triathlon, racing or an open water swim. They can do it well, and just as well as us. They think that they are our biggest fans - when we are their biggest fans too! Go mum!


4. They know 

They know. When we lose a race that we've been training for, miss that new PB or even when we are faced with ailments they always know what to say or do. They have the power to make us feel better and they are brilliant at keeping our spirits high. Sometimes, even if they don't know, we can see that they always want the best for us no matter what. That's enough. 


5. They are uniquely themselves

Every swim mum is different. They have different ways of being the supportive swim parent that comes from how unique they are. We are far more grateful to them just for being themselves and showing us how to be ourselves. They are the best role models, support systems and it would be hard to imagine being where we are without them! Each swim mum is brilliant in their own way.

Take the time to love and appreciate your swim mum today! For all that they have done and continue to do.

Happy Mother's Day to all the swim mums out there!



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