5 New Year's Resolutions for Swimmers

Happy New Year, Swimmers!

Every new year is an opportunity to set new goals and challenges for the year ahead.  So, from us to you here are 5 suggested New Year’s resolutions for Swimmers!


1. Stay Present

Whether you are at your second swimming session of the day, a weekend swim, a regional meet or a big national competition: stay present. It is just as important to be actively engaged in the hours of training, as it is in the minutes of a competition.

Improving your skills is something that can only be done actively! Stay engaged and stay ready. Put effort into everything you do. When you start making the effort every day is when you will be getting the most benefits from your training and competing alike. Swimming is a gift. Be present.


 2. Write & Record

This year try to write and record as much about your swim sessions as possible. Reflection is crucial. You will be able to see what went well, what didn’t go well and what you can do to improve. Keeping records allows you to have a fuller perspective of your swimming journey.

Writing down how you felt about a swim session, meet or competition is a healthy habit. Rather than keeping any concerns, worries or stresses bundled up in your mind, writing them down can be cathartic. Writing down these concerns lets them out into the world and allows you to be released from stressing over them. You can move on and dive into what comes next. 


3. Form healthy out-of-the-pool habits 

Some of the most important things to success in swimming are the habits that you form outside of the pool. From a healthy diet to getting enough sleep everything you do outside of the pool helps you reach optimum swimming condition. If you have eaten well, and feel well rested, then you will have more energy to take on the swim session.

The other important out-of-the-pool habit to remember is to take time off. Intense swim schedules can make it hard to socialise and enjoy hobbies you used too but make sure you do make some time. Whether it’s hanging out with a friend, reading a good book or even watching a movie. You need time off sometimes to recharge for the time on.


4. Compete Against Yourself

When swimming in a meet or competition aim to beat your personal best. That way you are not concerned with what your competitors are doing and are focused on your goal. Competing against yourself is the toughest competition out there, but it will feel like the most worthwhile as beating yourself is only improving your swim. If you don’t beat your personal best, or improve straight away, then set more goals. Create more steps. You control the journey, and the destination.

This year make your next competitor yourself. Whether you beat a PB or hit a new low you never loose. You either win, or you learn. 


5. Appreciate Everything! 

Appreciating every step of the journey is one of the most important resolutions that you should strive to keep this year. Managing to take moments where you are grateful and appreciative of all of the experiences you have are the most important moments of all. Keeping optimism and passion is all directed by appreciation for what you are doing, the people around you and the hard work that you put in yourself.

So, remember, the new year doesn’t have to mean a new you. You can try implementing new habits into your year to redefine the way you train, look at swimming and how you go about every day. Try more appreciation this year!


A happy new year to all of you, Swimmers! From all of us at ProSwimwear!



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