5 Habits of Successful Swimmers

There are many different qualities that makes a person a successful swimmer. The skill and technique are important but there are many other focuses that drive success. Here are 5 habits we believe makes a successful swimmer:

 1.     Don’t Make Excuses Ledecky

Just don’t. No matter how early a training session may be, how gruelling or tiring the journey that you’ve signed up on is going to stay with you forever. Every day is an opportunity to improve, to push yourself, and making excuses is only going to encourage a bad habit you don’t want. So, next time you think about pressing snooze and taking a day off – get up and dive in.


2.     Take Every Opportunity

There are going to be many different opportunities that come your way. Some you may like, some not, but you should take every single one. An opportunity is experience, it is learning skills and gaining insight. That extra meet you can attend. You may lose a Saturday, but you could get your best time yet if you went.  Those things are invaluable in your training. Take every opportunity and along the way you are going to discover and learn things you never expected.


3.     Be Your Own Competitor

Your biggest competition should always be yourself. You should be constantly striving to better yourself. To push your time, improve your technique. To master the stroke that always evaded you. By being your own biggest competition – you never lose. You only learn or improve. That’s a win that you can’t afford to be missing out on.


4.     Remember Why

This is one of the most important things to consider. Every day you need to remember why you are swimming. It should be the enjoyment. The passion. The love for swimming is what’s going to drive you. Every time a swim is tough, or an early morning doesn’t seem appealing, it is remembering why that will take you to where you need to be.


5.     Lean On Your Support Network

One of the biggest resources in your life should be your support network. Family, friends, teammates and coaches should all be people who want you to do the best for yourself. Lean into that. A bad swim? They can make you feel better. Struggling? They can give you advice. The presence of a supportive network around you is going to be what gets you through everything that you thought you could never do.


We hope you enjoyed reading about the five habits of successful swimmers. It is important to remember that success is not linear – and simply being talented isn’t enough to achieve success. It’s a mentality and a lifestyle. It’s something you can practice. These are 5 habits that can help you find your way to success.


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