Comfort in Compression: The Refresh Recovery Tights You Need!

2XU is home to the most advanced technology in compression wear. They create compression clothing that provides a plethora of health benefits after your fitness workout, training or race. Their clothing helps significantly reduce the risk of injury as well as speeding up your recovery process.

2XU’s recovery compression tights are a great example of the technological advancement that goes into everything they make, as well as being a brilliant help in your post-swim recovery. The specific engineering that goes into 2XU’s compression clothing ensures that you will get an unparalleled power, weight and flexibility. All of this adapts to the needs of the person wearing them, giving you a personable experience every time you wear 2XU.


2XU Refresh Recovery Tights

The tights are available for men and women and are designed specifically to combat muscle fatigue, reduce soreness and reduce the risk of injuries that could be caused by overuse.

They have been designed with a specifically engineered fabric that supports key leg muscles, helping the reduction of recovery time afterwards.

Here are some of the key features of the 2XU Refresh Recovery Tights:


PWX Fabric: Recovery Tights

The PWX fabric that is used within 2XU’s products is designed to support key leg muscles. The materials have high-grade elastomeric yarns and a circular knit structure. The influence of this design is that it gives you excellent stretch and flexibility when wearing them, making your recovery not only easier but comfier!



These tights have a fit that promotes enhanced circulation. The specific circulation enhancements are the flow of blood in your legs. The increase of blood flow supports muscle performance and helps speed up your recovery. 



These Refresh Recovery Tights are a perfect post-swim outfit because they are excellent at staying dry. The material has high filament which means that it wicks sweat away from the tights exterior ensuring they stay dry for longer increasing the comfort of wearing the tights.

Antibacterial:Recovery Tights

These tights have a variety of qualities about them and one of them is their antibacterial quality. It has an enhanced bacterial prevention which assures that the chance of bad odour is greatly reduced. This is using the Polygiene a textile treatment that prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria at the source.


Sun Protection:

2XU’s specifically engineered fabric has very well equipped for sunny conditions. All of the tights by 2XU have sun protection of UPF50+ meaning you never have to worry about where you’re training! They are designed to aid the recovery process after exercise and are completely ideal for swimmers where your performances require substantial post-swim care.


More 2XU Compression Care

2XU offer a range of Compression engineered clothing that are perfect for your swimming recovery. They have calf sleeves, tights and long-sleeved t-shirts. For both men and women this clothing collection will help your next recovery be the best recovery you’ve ever had.

Check out 2XU’s full Compression Clothing range!

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