16 Swimming Resolutions for 2016!


Every year we have our routine of setting a couple of resolutions for the new year, eat healthier and exercise more are usually the top contenders. However this year we have created a short list dedicated to swimmers...

Whether you choose to complete these resolutions during 2016 or decide along the road that you can't do them all, we strongly recommend you give them all a go at least once!

1. Swim more often.

If you swim once a week or five times, try and squeeze in one more swimming related activity each week! It will boost your energy levels and overall fitness whilst allowing you to have a good time.

2. Swim with a friend or family member.

Swimming is more enjoyable with a friend so get them involved! A simple "would you like to go swimming this week?" could help you and a friend become more active.

3. Become involved in a local swimming club or volunteer at one.

Swimming clubs are always looking for support and the fulfilment you will get is fantastic. Plus the new swimmers will want to keep coming back due to the support they receive whilst swimming. There is no substitute for coaching

4. Practice a different swimming stroke.

We all have a favourite stroke, so why not try a different one? Experimenting and enhancing your technique can do wonders for your bodies strength and your own personal enjoyment.

5. Set and beat a personal best.

A quick and relatively easy one to do but it will help you to increase your motivation to get in the water each time.

6. Try diving in.

Sounds simple enough, but most swimmers haven't dived into a pool in years, a soft entry is the more common thing to do but if your pool allows it give a dive a go! Its always fun and can add a new element to your swimming sessions. (If you ever plan to swim competitively you'll need to learn how to dive from the starting blocks at some point.)

7. Experiment with swimming fins.

Training fins are surprisingly fun and will help you to improve your strength and swimming technique. Plus you will swim faster while looking awesome! There's lots of different styles to choose from to suit your tastes and requirements.

8. Enter a competition.

Even if you lose, its still a lot of fun to be involved within a competitive atmosphere. The crowd cheering, and the competitive spirit really get that fire started in your belly!

9. Spectate different water sports.

Swimming isn't the only sport which involves water, watching a match of water polo or a rowing race is quite rewarding. You might meet some fellow swimmers there and broaden your horizons as well.

10. Go for an ocean swim at least once.

Even if its cold outside try going to the beach and taking a quick swim in the water.  Open water swimming is rising in popularity. It's a refreshing change from the chlorinated water most of us are used to and you can splash around all you want, there are no rules in the big blue...

11. Try a kick board.

We can always improve our swimming and a kickboard can really help improve strength and technique. If you have never tried one now is the perfect chance to try one out!

12. Touch the floor of the deep end at your local pool.

Quick and easy to do, plus pushing back up fast is always fun!

13. Give lane swimming ago.

If you're swimming with a club then try something a bit different and attend a public lane swimming sessions. It helps to improve technique alongside orientation when in the water and you could leave with some new swimming friends from outside of your club.

14. Make a swimming nutrition plan.

This will help you stay energized and alert when in the water alongside improving your overall health. Do some research or consult a nutritionist before you go dreaming up your plan though.

15. Treat yourself to new swimwear.

Even if it's just a set of ear plugs, some new swimwear will help motivate you to swim more! Lets be honest a comfortable swim is far better than an uncomfortable one.

16. Say yes more often.

Invited to a swimming competition, say yes. A swim club meeting, say yes. By just saying yes you can become more involved in the swimming scene and grab opportunities that you may have otherwise missed.



These 16 resolutions are perfect for the 2016 new year, tick them off as you go and if you can complete them all reward yourself for your hard work, 16 might not sound like much but it is a massive achievement if you can complete them all!