10 Tips To Motivate Your Swim!

10 Tips To Motivate Your Swim!

No matter how enjoyable swimming might be, doing it day in, day out, can sometimes feel like a chore. It’s in those moments you need a pick-me-up: a source of inspiration that’ll get you back out there doing strokes again.

Here are 10 sources of inspiration that’ll rekindle your love of the sport.

Fire Up YouTube

Did you grow up in the YouTube generation? If so, you probably watched clips of some of swimming’s greats, like Ian Thorpe and Michael Phelps, dominating their sport on YouTube. Feeling a little short of inspiration? Check out these swimmers’ record-breaking performances to get you motivated again. We've got a great selection of video's over on our YouTube Channel!

Buddy Up

Not feeling the love when you think about going to the pool or out on the lake? Perhaps it’s because you’re lonely. Buddy up with a friend to make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable. Make things competitive between yourselves, set-up some little challenges or even go the whole hog and race each other!

Think About Why You Got Into Swimming In The First Place

What motivated you to get into swimming? Was it because you wanted to be a better athlete? Was it so you could get fit? Was it so that you could enjoy the great outdoors? Spend a little time meditating on what inspired you in the first place and try to see the bigger picture. Swimming isn’t all about training.

Motivate Yourself With Inspirational Quotes

Aristotle once said that people are what they repeatedly do. Excellence, in his opinion, wasn’t an act, but a habit. Read up on some short articles, Google your favorite swimmers and even listen to what they are saying in interviews, get inspired from the greats! 

Do Something Competitive

If you’re just doing swimming to get fit then no wonder you’re getting tired of it. You need something to motivate you - and nothing motivates more than a healthy dose of competition. You can get into competitive swimming by joining your local swimming club or entering yourself into a triathlon. We’d recommend you start off small though. You never know, competitive swimming might be in your blood!

Play Watersports Instead

Bored of just swimming up and down all the time? Perhaps you need to start playing watersports. Water polo is a fun team sport that’s exciting to play and watch. Not a fan of the pool? You don’t need us to tell you that there are dozens of outdoor watersports you could try.

Become A Volunteer

If you’re the type of person who likes to give of themselves, then becoming a volunteer might help rekindle your love of the sport. Helping others is often far more satisfying than helping yourself. You could volunteer at events, take part in charity fundraisers, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with swimming without getting wet!

Sit Down With A Pro

Michael Phelps took things to the extreme when he trained for the Beijing Olympics, not taking a single day off in the five years running up to the competition. Perhaps you don’t need to go that far, but talking to a pro might help. Find out what motivates them and use it to your advantage. Follow them on social media, see what they're up too, maybe even go to watch them at top level events and immerse yourself in the top level of competitive swimming!

Learn About Your Sport

Real enjoyment comes from mastery. Learn all you can about swimming and improve your performance in the water. There are plenty of ways to go about this, learn about the best drills, nutritional plans for swimmers, read articles and blogs about how to develop yourself further, perhaps try coaching your friends a bit. If you really want to get into things, study the biology of the anatomy, which muscles are doing what and how they can help you improve your stroke. 

See Practice In A Different Light

A lot of your resistance to swimming is a mindset. People who stick with the sport over the long term don’t do it using willpower, they do it because of desire. Try thinking about your training sessions in a different light, like how they give you freedom. You're shut off from the outside world doing the one thing you enjoy! However long your practice session may be, remember that during that time you are there to do one thing and one thing only and that's swim. Forget about upcoming exams, homework, your boss pressuring you at work, or anything else playing on your mind. Enjoy the peace and freedom you have while swimming! 

So those are our top 10 ways to get motivated! Another great tip is to make sure you're always looking good, because looking good will make you feel good! Head over to the ProSwimwear shop and treat yourself!


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